5 Trendy Yet Protective iPhone Cases

Remember when phones were seemingly indestructible? But now with glass screens, high tech cameras, and the rest of the delicate hardware built in our phones, cases have become the norm.

Over time, these cases get increasingly useful in more ways than cushioning your iPhone from a fall. These are the five trendiest multifunctional phone cases to try this year.

  1. Wallet Cases

You are walking out of your house, what are the two things you make sure to grab? Phone and wallet. But wouldn’t it be easier to only need to remember one thing?

Wallet cases are a must-have for anyone who loves simplicity or hates having full pockets. These protectors have designated areas for cash and credit cards and come in all kinds of designs, guaranteeing there is one for everyone. Folding wallets that encase the phone, slotted backs, and even hidden compartments are all features that are available in this type of case. They are handy and would make a gift anyone would love!


  1. Influencer Cases


Having a stylish case is more than just a want for some people, it’s a need. If you haven’t heard of influencers, you’ve probably seen one. Instagram influencers are users who promote products or a lifestyle through social media. Staying on trend is absolutely vital for them, meaning their cases are always the most popular and stylish on the market.


With all the followers and fellow influencers out there interested in this specific style, iPhone cases from influencers can be hard to find. Certain websites will keep up to date with what these endorsers are sporting, making sure they have something similar in stock. 

  1. Charging Cases

There’s nothing worse than the anxiety you get from the dreaded 10% power remaining notification. Being away from home or a place to charge your phone when it’s about to die is frustrating, inconvenient, and potentially dangerous. Luckily, there is an easy solution to the problem.

A case and battery pack combined results in a product that will extend physical and battery life. Before your phone dies, you could potentially get back up to 100% battery just by pressing a button. At night, whenever you plug in your phone with this case on, the phone will fully charge which will then trigger the case to charge. In the morning, you can confidently leave the house knowing your iPhone will survive the day.

  1. Personalized Cases

The days of carrying around pictures of loved ones are over, in a good way. Now, you can turn that picture into a phone case! Even artwork or custom designs can be placed onto the case. These are a perfect way to express creativity and personality. Photos on cases can avoid the risk of tearing or fading like special pictures in a pocket or wallet. Just upload the picture online and select a size. Before you know it, you’ll have a personalized phone case. 

  1. Standing Cases

Calling all movie and TV lovers; cases now contain retractable stands! These kickstand-like features allow users to prop their phone up and down or on their side. Eliminating hassle with hands-free movie watching will definitely appeal to the usual streamers.

Depending on where the stand is used, it can also allow for continuous entertainment while keeping the device fully charged. As long as you are near an outlet that reaches a platform, your phone will stay upright and alive for maximum enjoyment.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, and you won’t with the above selection. These multifunctional yet protective cases can save time and money while keeping you up to date on trendy innovations.

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