5 Tips To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

With the pandemic showing no signs of relenting, various social distancing measures are encouraged among the public. Being quarantined may not be something that people were familiar with before the pandemic hit. Now it has become sort of norm for many people globally. The various measures, even if they continue to affect our emotional and economical status, will continue until an effective vaccine is made. Home quarantine can easily make you anxious and depressed as you remain indoors considering all those things you would have done if things were normal. Fortunately, we have just the right tips for chasing away your boredom and keep you safe and free from lockdown anxiety.

Do Yoga

To chase away the stress, yoga is a perfect remedy. It helps reduce stress, relieves anxiety, and helps you sleep better. Yoga postures also help in enhancing strength and stamina. And you need not go to a yoga class as there are several effective online classes available to stream directly to your home.

Relax With A Game Online

One effective way to be entertained and forget the stress and anxiety brought on by quarantine measures is to indulge in your favorite casino game. There are several online casinos in the UK that you can choose from. The free and real money games here are just what you need to relax and chill out. With reputed sites like this Online Casino UK, you can have a wonderful time and even make some profits while you destress.

Keep A Separate Work Space

Even if you are working from home it does not mean you have to work wherever possible in your home. This can add to your stress and make you anxious and jittery. So, make sure you have a separate workspace that is tidy and neat. This will reduce your stress levels, inspire confidence, enhance your focus, and improve productivity.

Video Chat With Friends

Social interaction is good for better health and well-being, according to research. However, too much of social interaction too can trigger stress particularly in introverts. So, maintain an optimum level of interaction. While you adhere to social distancing norms make sure you video chat with friends and family so you stay connected at least virtually. This will help you improve your emotional and mental health. Apps like Zoom, Skype, etc. can be used to keep in touch and interact virtually.

Save With Takeout

Choose from the various food delivery apps available in your locality like Uber Eats and Door Dash. Most of the restaurants are offering discounts and deals as lockdowns have started to ease gradually. Make use of the deals to save money and savor your favorite takeout food.


The internet is a big boon during the quarantine as you can do several things virtually from ordering your favorite food to exercising and destressing with a casino game. So, make use of this time to try out the different ways we have listed. Do share with us other interesting things that have kept you sane, safe, and healthy amidst Covid-19 fear.


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