5 Things You Can Do to Support Your Dog’s Long-Term Health

We all want our dogs to live forever and luckily for us and them, there are many things you can do to help them stay healthy and in return, live longer. The small changes you can make can go a long way and are definitely worth it for both you and your four-legged friend. Today, we will be having a look at some of the best things you can do to make sure your canine companion has a long and healthy life.

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Monitor Their Diet

There are a number of food brands for your dog out there. Unfortunately, some of these foods aren’t very good for your dog. If you fed your child junk food and sugar all the time, you would see a lot of changes in their physical appearance and behavior. Well, the same goes for your dog. If they are being fed low-quality food, then they will behave differently and can potentially suffer from weight and other health problems. If you are unsure about what food is best, then speak to your vet or a pet nutritionist for some advice. 

Regular Exercise

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Making sure you do what you can to make sure your dog doesn’t become overweight is so important. Weight gain can lead to a host of other health problems, from their heart to their hips. Exercising your dog isn’t only important for their body condition. It also helps them mentally and can improve their behavior in many ways, especially if they are socializing with people and other dogs on a regular basis. Also take care of your dog’s feet. For example by giving him comfy shoes on when going for long hikes…

Stimulate Their Minds

Your dog’s brain needs to be exercised regularly in order to stay healthy. Mentally stimulating your dog using things like food puzzles or teaching them new tricks is a great way to keep their minds healthy and to keep your dog stimulated. For older dogs, teaching them things that can keep them safer or to make their life easier is always a good idea. For example, making sure they don’t jump in or out of the car.

Give Preventative Care

Your dog should see a vet on a regular basis, no matter what their health is like. Regular vet check-ups mean health problems can be noticed sooner rather than later, meaning treatment or preventative care is more likely to work. When your dog gets older, they will most likely need to see a vet more often. Most vets recommend a vet trip twice a year for senior dogs, even if they appear to be healthy. In addition to that, signing up for pet insurance can be tremendously helpful if you run into any sort of serious trouble. Bivvy offers great options for a good price, so make sure you check them out.

Add Health Supplements

There are many natural dog supplements that can support your dog in many ways. This includes joint, heart, and stomach support. Supplements are a great way to help ensure all your dog’s needs are met. If you are unsure about what supplement to use, then speak to a vet.

When you stay on top of things, your dog will benefit massively. Doing what you can to keep them healthy throughout their lifetime is the least they deserve for their loyalty and companionship. After all, keeping them young at heart is the goal to head towards.

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