5 rules that will help you pack your bags and forget nothing

Traveling is always cool. There is nothing better in the world than getting new experiences during a tourist trip. And it does not matter what exactly you do: walk along the ancient streets of Prague or explore Machu Picchu. And you should better do all this things without heavy luggage behind your back. Today we will tell you about the simple rules that will help you to pack your bags. You will learn how to take only what can really come in handy and forget nothing.

Rule one: two bottoms, 5 days

Jeans is a necessary thing. The modern person can do nothing without them and it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. But it’s not a secret  that jeans take up a lot of space in luggage. So what should you do? It’s very simple: take two pairs of underwear for 5 days. After all, you do not need to constantly change your clothes!

The best option is to combine your wardrobe. Just take one short bottom and a long one. Shorts or a skirt and jeans or trousers for example. This is the most optimal way. You will not carry excess stuff, there will be enough space in the trunk, and you will always have what to wear. Remember that practicality is a prerequisite for a pleasant journey.

Rule two: 5-4-3-2-1

If you want to reduce the amount of things in the luggage, but the hands are drawn to the wardrobe themselves, use the simple 5-4-3-2-1 rule. It is very popular among tourists who prefer to travel without huge amount of luggage.

That’s all you might need from clothes according to this rule:

  • 5 outerwear units
  • 4 underwear units
  • 3 types of accessories
  • 2 pairs of shoes (yes, you should better leave your favorite sneaker collection at home, although Kanye West will not agree with us)
  • 1 swimsuit

Use this rule wisely. If you have a trip to Ireland in February it is better to take a warm jacket instead of a swimsuit. Combine the options for the situation.

Rule three: the Pareto principle

According to the Pareto principle, 20% of efforts provide 80% of the result. Example: in business 80% of the profit is brought by 20% of customers. Or so: to get 80% success, you need to apply 20% of the effort. This principle is used by many successful people. It became popular due to its versatility. The Pareto principle can be applied even for travelling!

You only need 20% of things to satisfy 80% of the needs during your trip. So  is it worth taking another pair of shoes to combine them with a dress that you will wear at most once? Be more economical!

Rule four: take neutral clothes

You must strive for universality if you want to collect an ideal suitcase . Take neutral clothes with you and then you will not have a problem what to wear. Clothes in one color range are easy to combine with each other.

Take just a pair of bright T-shirts or accessories and you will definitely have enough  for a week or even more.

Rule five: take clothes for two weeks

Do not take a lot of clothes even if there is a possibility that you will travel for a month. Most likely, you will never wear them, but they may cause some problems.

Replenishment of sunglasses or T-shirts will not be a problem and this also applies to underwear. Remember that jeans do not need to be changed every day, and you can take one thing  from the collection of evening dresses (which were used at 20% even at home).

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