5 Practical Ways You’ll Save Money Working from Home as a Freelancer

Telecommuting has become very easy. All you need is a computer or laptop and high-speed internet service. In fact many international companies have a vast network of full-time remote freelancers working all across the globe. As long as you can work in the same time-zone as your employers there’s no reason you even need to be in the same country.

If you’re working from home then the expenses of setting up your working space will likely fall on you. Luckily the costs saved from not having to commute far outweigh the cost incurred from working from home.

So it’s not only a more comfortable environment, but working from home is financially beneficial too. Here are five ways you can reduce your expenses by telecommuting:

Working from home allows you to reduce living expenses

One of the financial traps commuters fall into is that in order to get a high paying job they need to be near a big city. Living in or near a city raises property prices and pushes people into saving larger deposits and paying back higher mortgage instalments.

Telecommuting gives you the chance to live in cheaper towns. That will allow you to reduce your living expenses significantly as the rent and cost of food in smaller towns are usually very low. You can consider setting up a professional space in your house to help you stay focused on your work. You can also play some motivational music to kill the silence at home.

Telecommuting reduces gas, public transit, and toll expenses

If you work from home, you will not have to drive or use public transport to get to work. Gas can especially increase your expenses as it has become very expensive. Still, in the USA, most people have to drive to work because the public transport system is underdeveloped. You can eliminate transport costs by simply working from home.

This also has the added benefit of reducing car maintenance and repair costs as it’s used much less.

You save on your food expenses

Households spend thousands every year dining out. Eating out is very expensive since you have to pay for the convenience and service. Also, you will usually need to tip your waiter or waitress. Telecommuters can entirely avoid eating out and simply make their meals at home. The result will be a big reduction in food costs.

On the health side of things eating out usually isn’t exactly low calorie either. So the more you dine out the worse it can be for your physical wellbeing. Lunching at home can have a positive impact on both your wallet and your overall health, so it’s another perk with additional benefits.

Telecommuting reduces expenses for professional attire

People who work in offices have to dress professionally. A professional suit can cost up to four figures. If you are tight on cash, you can find get a decent suit for a couple of hundred. This cost is still very high. At home, you will be able to work in your pyjamas or any casual clothes, and these will relatively cost you very little money. You can further lower your cost on clothes by sticking to timeless styles. Trying to keep up with trends can be very expensive, particularly because the styles change constantly.

Some people still opt to wear smart clothes when working from home to ‘get in the mindset’. However, this is more of a symbol and by no means would you have to buy a high ticket suit to sit in your spare room or home office.

Significant tax breaks for telecommuters means more money saved

Self-employed people and employed people who work from home can all qualify for significant tax breaks. You can write off the cost of your internet, home office space, and work equipment. You can further save money on work equipment and your internet service if you shop around for the best deals. For example, you can use usave compare broadband packages in the UK to find the cheapest internet service.


Telecommuting can give you the chance to save a lot of money. You will be able to live in smaller and less expensive towns and will also not need to invest in expensive professional attire. Since you don’t need to travel to work, you will not have regular transport expenses. At home, you will also be able to cook your own food, and that will reduce the cost of your meals. Finally, you will enjoy significant tax breaks by working from home.


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