5 Lifestyle Habits You Need To Redo for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the secret of all those celebs that walk on the red carpet with their incredible looks. Have you ever thought how a celebrity goes from a bob to straight long luscious hair? Behind the scenes information, all your favorite celebrity has worn hair extensions to add that perfect glam to their red carpet looks. Be it the clip-in bangs or tape in wavy hair, you can also experiment with your looks. Yet, looking after hair extension requires attention because you cannot take them for guaranteed as your own hair. If they are looked after carefully they might get broken and cause you much damage. So, in this article, we will be telling you 5 lifestyle habits that you need to redo for your hair extensions so that they last you long.

  1. Treat hair extension with care

Treating your hair extensions as your natural hair is one of the lifestyle habits that you can adopt. If the hair extensions are sewn-in, taped-in or micro-linked then you are free to them like your natural hair. However, being gentle with the hair extensions is important as the extensions might loosen up if not deal with care. The hair extension will not last you long if you are too harsh with them.

Keep in mind, that use of a mild moisturizing shampoo is significant. Lifestyle habit of using mild formula shampoo will help your hair extensions a lot. However, as the taped and sewn-in hair extensions can be washed in the shower, the clipped-in or glued extensions are needed to be prevented from washing in the shower. Instead, they should be taken out and then washed separately.

  1. Use sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates in your shampoo can damage the hair extensions.  Thus, you need to redo the lifestyle habit of using sulfate-based shampoos with sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfate is usually added to the shampoos so that they can create foam. They are also added to clean your scalp with oil, making it dry and taking away moisture from it. Two of the biggest drawbacks of using shampoos containing sulfates is that they cause split ends and make your hair look dry and frizzy all the time.

The natural oil generated by your hair is the real protectant for your natural hair. However, your hair extensions are placed externally and have no connection with the inner layer of the scalp. Thus, for protecting them you need to adopt such a lifestyle habit that will provide it with the moisture. This is achieved by avoiding the habit of using shampoos containing sulfates.

  1. Maintain your hair

Although the use of even mild shampoos is recommended, it is better that you use conditioner for you’re here. The use of conditioner tends to look the moisture in your hair, thereby benefitting both your natural hair and hair extensions. The lifestyle habit of using conditioner less should be replaced too often when dealing with the hair extensions. Also, if you have bleached or colored your hair then it is advised to change the habit of visiting the salon once in a while to at least once a week for deep-conditioning of the hair extensions. This will help the hair extensions to maintaining good health for a longer period of time.

  1. Visiting the Salon

As mentioned above that visiting the salon if you have your hair extensions on is advised. Usually, the people have complained about the damaged hair and this is because they were not professionally taken care off. There is a time period of every hair extension some are meant to be on for months and some for only a few weeks. So when it is time for you to remove the hair extensions it is recommended to get it removed professionally.

Also, if the hair extensions are too heavy for you to handle then they will break your hair. Hence, a professional will guide you properly about what kind of hair extensions will suit your hair. After the hair extensions are on, you should visit the salon so that no damage or breakage is caused to your hair.

  1. Dry your hair

 You must make it your habit to completely let air dry your hair before going to bed. Sleeping with wet hair is not good for the hair extensions. As the hair may get tangled and pull the natural hair, thereby causing them to damage. so, you need to redo your habit of sleeping with damp hair and change it to sleeping when they completely dried. Further, the use of dryer for drying should be avoided at all times because it will cause harm to the hair extensions.

If the underneath natural hair is braided and extensions are placed on the then there are chances that this will develop an unpleasant smell if slept with wet hair.

These were all the instant lifestyle changes that you can redo for your hair extensions. If followed on regular basis, your hair extension’s lifespan with definitely increase resulting in good returns to the hair extension’s cost that you paid.

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