5 Best Freelance Jobs for College Students

The main thing students most often want to receive from work is money and experience. Money is needed for a living, work experience is necessary for a future career. There are also other goals – but they are mostly secondary. Therefore, there are basically two strategies for where and how a student can get a job:

  • to look for easy money and simple work;
  • to look for a promising place that will give a good career start (sometimes it can even be a free job).

Search for a Simple Job

If you are interested in extra income, the easiest way is not to think about the future, about a career, but just look for what is closer to home, more convenient on schedule and higher in money. It could be a freelance job like writing academic articles on the RapidEssay platform or making some product reviews. If one sets a goal, a student without work experience can find work in 2-3 days – this is real.

In each network of cafes or restaurants, there is an ad like “Do you want to work with us? Fill out the form.” Similarly, you can fill out a form on the site. In fact, this is the whole approach to finding a job for pocket money. The cafe is only an example. Similarly, you can visit any job site and find entry-level vacancies.

Employment Types

There are several types of employment: permanent, partial, remote. There are also jobs with flexible hours and freelance. Each type has its own nuances. Permanent employment is the fastest way to get the necessary skills and experience. There are a lot of good vacancies. There is only one drawback – you need to work all day.

Part-time and flexible hours allow students to combine work and study. Under such conditions, there are fewer good offers but you can find it if you wish. Remote employment makes it possible to work from home and from any city and country. It is widespread in the IT-sphere (you can program at home), journalism and some other areas. The main drawback is that if you have no experience, it will be difficult to get it because there will be no experienced colleague at hand and all the questions will have to be asked by Google.

Jobs without Experience Requirements

To understand how to easier find a job for a student, you can choose one of the popular professions. Go to any job site and choose what you like. What to choose from:

  1. Salesperson, sales manager, customer service manager, sales representative, or agent. There are a lot of similar vacancies. They are called differently but the essence is the same – you need to work with clients.
  2. Office manager, secretary, assistant manager, office administrator. There are a lot of such specialists required.
  3. Trainee, student assistant, intern, assistant in various industries – banks, insurance, accounting, restaurants, advertising, law, etc. A student without experience can easily get a similar intern work because there are enough vacancies on the market.
  4. Loader, storekeeper, warehouse worker, handyman, and other hands working professions. It is usually the ordinary work with hands, the experience is not required, everything is taught right on the spot.
  5. Often, you don’t have to possess any special knowledge. You just need to be attentive and polite. Each restaurant or cafe has its own policies and they will teach you how to follow them.

There are many other professions suitable for a student. Among the industries you can find medicine, construction, working with children, collection, design, logistics, floristry, etc. Some good options are:

  • A person who places goods in the right place at retail outlets and monitors the speed of product sales.
  • Call center operator. It is necessary to answer the stupid and smart questions of customers – workers are trained, as a rule, on the spot.
  • Maid, administrator at the hotel, hostess.

Summer Work

Similarly, through a job site, a student can find a job for the summer: choose a job, call and agree on a 2- or 3-month contract. They will understand this and appreciate your honesty.

In addition to vacancies, there are many student labor camps (local or with departure to another city). This option is not the most profitable but often more interesting. And you will be able to leave your parents for several weeks.


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