5 Amazing Cheap Destinations for Students on Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, traveling the world doesn’t mean that you need to have deep pockets. Students can travel the world on a budget and cover all the expenses with limited financial resources. Certain countries are quite affordable and that have great scenery where students can enjoy their holidays. 

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean uninteresting travel in unfavorable places. Even with just a few dollars, you can get accommodation that gives you value for your money.

So, stop worrying about college, stop asking your friends about how to write an assignment or how to write a report type assignment. Simply pack your bags and prepare for a lifetime experience. Here are the top 5 amazing cheap destinations for students on holiday.


Unlike most of its neighbor islands, Fiji can be an affordable destination to visit for students. However, it may seem pretty expensive since it’s on the Pacific Island destination and has some upmarket resorts and foods. 

The country is rich with great locals and beautiful beaches and is the ultimate holiday resort if you’re on a budget. It is also easy to get great deals on airlines because Fiji is the stopover country for Fiji Airlines. Going for more affordable accommodation places such as guest houses or Airbnb’s can be a great way to travel the world on a budget.

There is also an emerging backpacker community in Fiji and that also means great discounts on accommodation costs. In the Pacific Islands region, Fiji is the best budget destination and shouldn’t be missed by aspiring student travelers.

Central America

Central America is also a great place to travel around since it has beautiful ancient ruins and dense jungles that wait to be explored. 

Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are on the list of countries in this region. Travelers can get accommodation as cheap as $15 and meals can cost as little as $3. Taking the bus is very affordable and also costs about $3 depending on the distance between destinations. 

If you would like to target more expensive destinations in this region, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize are the best options. In these countries, you can live with $40 a day as a backpacker to as much as $60. 

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Southeast Asia generally has very affordable destinations for travelers that are on a budget but Cambodia is the best one in that region. You will enjoy the time spent in this country because of the beautiful terrain and the hospitable locals that populate this country. 

You can get private conditioned rooms for as low as $20 and transportation costs around the country for the same price. Cambodia is on the list of best summer holiday destinations for students.

Food is also very cheap because you can get street food for as low as $2 only. It is just as beautiful as its neighboring countries and has the best people in the world. 

If all costs exceed $50 a day, that is considered living large in Cambodia and airfare is relatively affordable also. It is also a great country for backpackers and if you would like to travel as one, it would significantly lower all costs.


China is a fascinating travel destination and can be traveled on a budget as it is the cheapest country in Asia. Most travelers enjoy shopping and authentic Chinese food, which forms part of their culture. Hostels cost as low as $20, food is lower than $5 and local transport costs less than a dollar.

However, you can still get a very significant bargain when traveling to China if you get out of the cities. Traveling out of the big cities will make your travels super cheap and you will also enjoy the less fast-paced lifestyle found in those cities.

South Korea 

South Korea is a very different country in Asia with a jaw-dropping experience that includes food and the countryside. The country is very high tech and has an amazing nightlife.

It is extremely hard to overspend in this country because everything is cheap and affordable. For example, food and beer and other general items are cheap at joints such as 7-Eleven and you can get it for less than a dollar.

There are also a lot of international flights heading there and is one of the most underrated travel destinations. You won’t regret going to this travel destination because of the experience and fun lifestyle you will enjoy.

Final thoughts

Students don’t have to mope and spend their holidays in their home country when they could easily travel cheap. There are various destinations all around the world that can be explored with very little expenses. Those countries offer great experiences and submerge the travelers in the different cultures they will surely enjoy. 

Get out and about and enjoy different views and foreign cities by going to these destinations. Also, to lower the costs even further, monitor the airfare prices and exploit opportunities that may arise that lower the costs of traveling. There are also other different countries that you can look up and get to enjoy that are budget countries. 

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