4 Home cinema ideas for home

With the increased quality of audio and visual equipment available to us, we are more than ever able to recreate a cinematic experience within our own homes. Not only that, we are avail to a wider variety of additional features that make watching movies at home a delight. Choosing the right TV or projector is the most important piece in the puzzle of course, though other components are essential as well.

home cinema

1 – Starting with TVs, 4K resolution TV is the standard, meaning that screen resolution is comparable to that found in movies in the theater. To take full advantage of 4K requires a TV of 55 inches or greater, which would be a minimum size for a decent cinematic experience at home. There are many different display types as well, from LED, LCD, Plasma, and OLED. While options come and go, OLED is consider of highest quality picture with the slimmest design. A good example of an OLED TV is LG Art Slim 4K OLED TV, which recently won the Engadget best TV award at the Consumer Electronics Show.

2 – Projectors can be used as a substitute for TVs for your theater. Some of the new extra-bright projectors such as the JVC DLA-X700R can provide a practically unlimited viewing size for a fraction of the cost of a comparable TV. Further, it is easier to position and adjust for different needs. The displays might not be as bright, and the number of 4K projectors on the horizon is fairly small. However, they are a viable, cost-effective alternative to a giant TV.

In addition to the video, there are a variety of other customizations you can make.

3. A set of speakers to provide sound for your home theater is essential. Dolby and DTS are the two main alternative sound systems, ensuring an immersive experience in your home. You can also ensure wireless speaker systems, allowing you to position your units wherever you would like. There are chairs with speakers built-into them, such as The Media Chair by Martin Emila, which give you an even more immersive experience.

4 – Additionally, having a gaming console hooked up, such as an XBox One or a Playstation 4, not only offers you additional types of entertainment options, but also provides a variety of content and features accessible only through the device. Finally, most larger TV’s these days have Smart TV functionality built-in, giving you the ability to choose what you would like to watch on-demand, as well as apps from content providers including HBO, Netflix, and YouTube.

Setting up a cinematic experience at home can provide you the thrill of going out to the movies, with features and flexibility not available outside. Now, more than ever, the options are available for you to design a setup best suited for you and your family.

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