33 Signs to Look Out For to Tell If Your Partner is Cheating

These days, there is a rise in infidelity and cheating relationships. Actual figures reveal that the rate of infidelity these days is highest ever experienced since the beginning of man’s existence.

The question every person in a relationship asks is, how do I know my partner is cheating? This is what we hope to help you answer in this post.

Infidelity these days

Infidelity simply means being unfaithful one’s spouse. It is a challenging situation that faces most relationships. Most times, people will admit when an affair is discovered that they were just blind to the signs. Truth be told, the signs are always there, that is why hindsight is important.

We should also state here that not every sign you see means that a partner is cheating. There are times when you begin to notice certain actions which are unusual. Really, most people will begin to suspect if these actions are repeated.

The only challenge is that while they suspect, they never take any actions. This is probably because they are blinded by emotions. However, if you’ve got a hunch, there are certain actions you will notice that are definitive.

What signs should you look out for?

You must have been waiting for this part of this post, especially if you’ve got a hunch. There are so many signs to look out for depending on your partner’s personality. Odd situations, changes in behavior, and fidgety actions could all be signs of infidelity.

Once again, we must reiterate that it is not every time these signs end up in proving infidelity. When you have that nudging feeling that your spouse is unfaithful, it is normal to check that feeling. Most people want to check after repetitive situations if what they feel is true or false.

One of the major signs is when a partner steps outside to receive certain calls. Another is when you can’t get access to someone’s text messages. As glaring as these may be, they do not always insinuate cheating. Some other issues may be underlying which is why you need to be careful.

We will be looking at different things that could actually be signs of infidelity. So if you have that hunch, try to watch out for these to affirm your claims. You should note that there is an array of probabilities. Signs for different people could be different based on their personalities and routines.

An altered sex life

This is one of the major pointers, especially among married couples or a couple that has been together for long. These are a few signs that could imply infidelity or unfaithfulness.

  1. When you feel a considerable reduction in connection or intimacy in your relationship.
  2. You don’t even have sex anymore, it has become non-existent.
  3. All of sudden, your partner wants to try out some new things that weren’t part of your sex routine. This works mostly for someone that used to be conservative and wants to become explorative suddenly.
  4. You go for a test and you are told that you have developed an STD. Especially when you know you haven’t met with other partners. The only way you would have contacted such is through your partner. It simply implies your partner has been with someone with an STD.

Sudden and strange alterations in behavior

When you know that your partner has certain traits or habits, suspicions rise when you notice sudden changes. Let’s take a look at some of the changes you might notice.

  1. You notice that your spouse abruptly stops telling you “I love you.” This will be very strange if it was in his or her character to do so frequently.
  2. Nothing you do gets your partner vexed. Prior to this period, the slightest provocation used to lead to a fight.
  3. You notice a stonewall in communication. Both you used to have a nice time communicating, now, it is all stale and almost non-existent.
  4. All of a sudden, your spouse spends more time trying to listen to you. This is a direct twist to the sign above and should normally be a good thing. Why it will be a sign is that it is completely out of character.
  5. Your conservative spouse now wants to be more explorative and ready to take on more risks.
  6. There is a newfound interest in his or her appearance. Originally, the person never cared about such stuff.
  7. Your partner suddenly develops new interest in a new hobby. This hobby is likely to take a couple of hours of their day and the moment you express interest, you’ve shrugged off.
  8. Suddenly, he or she begins to spend more time at work daily. The excuse for this is an increase in workload.
  9. When you notice that your partner has developed wandering eyes and the issue is out of control.

Changes in attitude

  1. There is an exhibition of low self-esteem.
  2. Your partner suddenly feels confused about their personality.
  3. A newfound negative vibe.
  4. The person starts to be more and more critical of your behavior.
  5. More than ever, your spouse fights over almost everything.
  6. The moment infidelity is mentioned, the person becomes really defensive.
  7. Anytime you seek reassurance about unfaithfulness, the response is not convincing enough.

Avoidance and lies

  1. A feeling of avoidance by your spouse.
  2. He or she no longer finds your company interesting.
  3. You notice so many lies it seems he or she is lying about everything.
  4. The person becomes more secretive.
  5. He or she loses faith in religion and begins to deviate.

Issues with money

  1. When credit statements no longer add up or make sense.
  2. Both of you begin to fight more about money.
  3. No more large purchase plans.

Technological changes

  1. Your normal cloud sharing is no longer functional.
  2. He or she doesn’t share devices with you anymore.
  3. They tend to stay off social media.
  4. He or she now clears your computer browsing history.
  5. Their fitness tracker shows that they now exercise at very odd periods.


We will reiterate that while these signs may show infidelity, they are not the same in every relationship. It all depends on the relationship and the personality of your partner. Most times the person will deny on confrontation.

If this occurs, try to look for more concrete evidence or professional help.


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