30 Unique Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

When you see a woman with a butterfly tattoo, it typically means that she is a woman with a free spirit and she wants the world to know it. A butterfly and a woman are similar in the way they blossom. A woman develops from a girl with the gift of creating new life. A butterfly does the same from a caterpillar stage.

It does not matter where the woman places the butterfly on her body. It represents the portal in which she releases and draws in life’s energies, which is the essence of who she is. A butterfly tattoo is a jewel that emphasizes the amazing power that is contained within the female gender. Women who get these tattoos are usually creative and become one with nature. They come from a diverse group of individuals who can also be reserved or sophisticated.

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Without much thought, many of these women will put their tattooed butterfly on any of the seven chakra points, which include:

  1. The top of the head – crown
  2. The third eye – forehead; between the eyebrows
  3. Throat
  4. Lower back or belly
  5. Tribal root – below the groin
  6. Heart
  7. Solar plexus

Of course, many women would never place a butterfly on the top of the head, throat or solar plexus, but it has happened and depending on how it is designed, it can be quite attractive.

When placed on the shoulder blade, this tattoo symbolizes ‘the dreamer’ who has her head generally in the clouds. When placed in the chest area, it represents unconditional love for everyone. When placed on the lower back, it signifies prosperity, stability, self-preservation and survival. When placed below the stomach or belly, this tattoo design usually speaks of virginity, which originated from the branding of virgin maidens as an acknowledgement and respect for the gods. During that time, the butterfly tattoo on the lower belly became a pledge of celibacy. Since then, it has been altered to label the reproductive area as a receptacle of true love. Love passes in and out of this area.

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The mythology of various butterfly tattoos

Depending on the butterfly tattoo design, there is always a meaning. First there is the Greek and Irish Butterfly myth. In Greece, people believe that each time a butterfly appears from its cocoon; a new human soul is created. The Irish believe that butterflies come from the dead soul and waiting to make the transition through purgatory. In Germany, people have the same belief – that the dead are reincarnated as children who fly around as butterflies; bringing with them the gift of childbirth to people who are childless.

The Second is the European Butterfly myth where Europeans in early days had great respect and fear of the butterfly. They considered that it is the human soul that transitioned into a butterfly. Even to this day, they fear the moth, which is similar to a butterfly and believe it is a premonition of death.

The third one is the Asian Butterfly myth. In the Japanese and Chinese cultures, butterflies have been used as a symbol of joy and happiness. Still today, they believe that when a butterfly comes around, it is bringing these two attributes. Having it tattooed on the body is in essence, the same thing.

The Fourth mythology is the Native American Butterfly where Native Americans in times past believed that the butterfly could transport their wishes to the Great heavenly Spirit and it would be granted. There were different native tribes with varying beliefs. The Shoshone tribe considers and believes that originally butterflies were pebbles. The Great Spirit blew life into those pebbles to create butterflies. The Zunis believe that butterflies are able to predict what the weather will be like. They also think that the white butterfly can predict when summer begins. The Blackfeet tribe that butterflies bring dreams to us while we are sleeping.

Fifth mythology is derived from the Aztec, Mexican and Mayans. They think that butterflies symbolize fertility, joy and rebirth. The Aztecs, for example think that the dead would visit relatives in the form of a butterfly to reassure the family that everything is OK.

The sixth mythology is the Indians who believe that the dead are transformed unto death and then come back as butterflies. When the butterfly is dead, it signifies the end for the soul.

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