3 Ways to Find Yourself Through Travel

We’ve all had “that day”. The boss is acting like a jerk, it’s pouring down rain and you had to change your flat tire on the side of the freeway, and you are so overloaded with responsibility that you honestly don’t think you can take anymore. Instead of letting yourself get bogged down in the everyday, why not get away from it all for a little while? Traveling is great for the soul; it allows you to experience new cultures, new foods and of course, new places. If your pressure gauge is tipping the scales and you’re ready to burst, time to take a step back and find yourself again.

The Deep Blue Sea

The sea speaks to some people; they are the most at home on the water and live for the smell of salty air. Whether you’re one of those people or not, a cruise is a fantastic way to see more of the world from the open water. Don’t live off of the coast? No problem. Pick the destination cruise of your dreams and book a flight to the port. That way when the ship sets sail and you start to experience a mediterranean cruise, all you have to worry about is sipping your fruity cocktail as everyone onshore bids you a bon voyage.

The most exciting part of taking a cruise is that the possibilities are endless. Transatlantic cruise sailings don’t only happen in the United States; ports all over the world are as eager to have you onboard as you are to be there. Whether you’re looking to see the architecture of Morocco or lay on white-sand beaches and experience a mediterranean cruise, there’s a cruise for you. If you’ve never taken a cruise before then you might not know to expect some of the amazing amenities commonly offered:

  • Full day spas and massage therapists on site
  • Bar and beverage services — many of them open at odd hours of the day and night
  • An array of pools, waterslides and hot tubs

No matter what kinds of activities or ports of call that you choose while you’re taking your cruise, one thing is certain: You will return to your real life so much more relaxed and refreshed than you were before you left.

With The Clothes On Your Back

Cruises are a slice of paradise, but it’s true: They are pricey. If you are more of the adventurous type who is not afraid to go off the beaten path, then perhaps backpacking is more your style. Although the term “backpacking” insinuates hiking and sleeping in the great outdoors, you don’t necessarily have to pitch a pup tent every night that you plan on sleeping. Backpacking is more a general term for traveling around with only enough items to fit into a backpack — or, in other words, traveling cheap.

Depending on where you plan on going, however, it will impact the way that you make your sleeping arrangements. Hostels are a popular choice for backpackers because they are cheap, can house a lot of people all at once and aren’t necessarily made for long-term stays. While the United States doesn’t have as many hostels as other countries such as England or Germany, there are plenty of motels and yes, campsites available for inexpensive rates. Another cost-effective alternative that is increasing in popularity with travelers includes sites like AirBNB and CouchSurfer. Luxurious? Not at all.  But will you return to your life with a newfound sense of respect for yourself, your country and your own self-worth? Absolutely.

Road Trip It

You don’t have to develop an appreciation for beef jerky to enjoy a road trip. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from, road trips are a classic pastime that can be a fun, memorable experience. Although they traditionally tend to happen in the country that you live in, that doesn’t mean that they need to be limited to that one place. Fly out to someplace else in the world and rent a car with a group of friends, or even alone. Drive and drive and drive some more, covering miles and stretches of highway that you never thought you’d be lucky enough to see in real life.

As with any long car trip, though, ensure that your vehicle is well-prepared for such an undertaking. Follow a few basic tips to make sure that you’re safe while traveling the open road:

  • Get an oil change and/or top off fluids if you need to
  • Air up your tires and buy a tire pressure gauge to keep in the glove box
  • Have an emergency kit in your trunk with things like a first aid kit and wiping rags

Seeing as much of the world as you can is an amazing way to put the rest of your life into perspective. You might be stressed out and having the week from hell, but seeing how very incredible and huge the world is can remind you that you’re going to be alright.


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