25 Funny Memes That Will Make You Lose Mind

Tons of funny memes are emerging on the Net every day. They all are amusing and a bit crazy, so such memes can easily boost your mood and make your life brighter.

Well, who knows what ‘meme therapy’ means? It is when looking at hilarious pictures, you giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle… Understanding the great benefit of this therapy, here we’ve collected some of the best fresh memes that can instantly cheer you up and even improve your well-being. So, enjoy our entertaining memes and think positive!

Daily Funny Memes

When you’ve got a bad day, problems at work or the weather outside is terrible, all you need to do to be in a fantastic mood is look at a bit silly daily memes like these ones below.

Am I missing something? People, where are you?

That’s the real reason why Sleeping Beauty woke up! The kiss was a fake!


Just remember your Friday. Do you also do a front flip? I mean you really love your work so much.


If you want to get somebody out of your life, ask him how to do that.

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Don’t ever try to copy. Years of training… I’m a snot bubble master!

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Why, what’s the matter? It’s just a name.


Do you recognize yourself? – No, I just trash the place… 


I’ve paid about $5. It’s really costly for me!


I trust my boyfriend, I’m just cross-eyed!


A  talented man is talented in many ways. Okay, you know that…


New Hilarious Memes


Check out some fresh ideas of funny pictures and share your positive emotions with your friends and colleagues.


I think the camera makes me look fat. And what do you think?


Oh my God! It’s very unexpected and my eyes show how sudden it is.


Don’t say you didn’t bother with this trick!

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I realize now I’m totally happy and I have no problem in my life!


These are new times and new ideals of beauty! AWFULLY pretty!

When your owner is Chinese!


I don’t know about you, but I’m only interested in where he’ve got so much ice?


I don’t even know whether to fear or to laugh?


Did you see the difference? Oh, that’s so obvious!


His face is so intelligent, but I think he needs to change his shirt.


Where to Find Funny Memes?


Actually, it isn’t difficult to find amazing pictures in our bizarre digital era. They’re everywhere because nowadays memes have become the most popular form of self-expression. People draw inspiration from famous films and cartoons, take photos of celebrities and weird pictures from social media to create memes by adding some laughable text. And that’s really great because smiling is good for our mood as well as for our health!

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