20 Best Rappers of All Time

Here are 20 Best Rappers of All Time.

20. Kurupt:  Having risen from the LA underground, this MC from Philadelphia started his career with Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg to be part of the Dogg Pound. This poetic fanatic went on his own and gained a reputation for a performer on his own.


18. Busta Rhymes: With a great style of delivering his music and possessing great charm this man can dial up the flow and recitation never mislaying a single beat. He became know for his association with ATCQ and The Leaders of The New School. His first performance “The Coming” and amateur attempts were well received.

Busta Rhymes

17. Mobb Deep: They made his entry to the Hip Hop Genre in their early teens with rough, harsh, and sinister words.  It was their notable LP called the “The Infamous”, that got them focus on Prodigy as being an recognized writer and Havoc as a justifiable producer.
Mobb Deep

16. Method Man
Fortified by a winded surge and remarkable delivery, he came to signify the  front for Wu-Tang as soon as they made their entrance.  Very captivating and with an excess of poise, he has joined forces with the legends and carved his own place. Though he did not fulfill his full potential by himself
People-Method Man

15. Slick Rick:  Having a individualistic form that probably can only be reproduced by Snoop Dogg. He is a great raconteur in annals of Hip Hop. His works show his mastery at brilliant banter and description, he still remains a preferred Emcee in spite of a couple of failures.
Slick Rick

14. Redman: He is one of the most reliable rappers, his record of 5 platinum and gold albums speaks for itself. He truly represent hip hop of the comedic genre. With plenty of charm and vivacity he strives to deliver the best in every performance. Exceptional delivery, huge flow and over the standard wordplay makes him a great artist.


12. Chuck D:  Being part of Public Enemy, he made a meteoric dent on the scene. He is a MC who is one of the first to be political minded he took on establishment and brought attention to overlooked topics like dearth and discrimination. He will hold his place in the hearts of people and other artists alike.
Chuck D

11. Common: Yet one more socially aware artist he got Chicago a lot of attention when he released “Resurrection”.  Reputed for his views on politics and bright descriptions in his songs, his work stands out. His recent “BE”, is seen among his notable performances.

10. Ice Cube: Reputed as “The Nigga You Love To Hate”, he has been the cause of a lot of  debate with his first appearance “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted”.  He went on to do single performances having started as a member of N.W.A. With unbelievable presence he had done some really good work with Mac 10, and WC.

Ice Cube

11. OutKast:  They represented Hip Hop from Atlanta in the 1990s. Their out of the world lyrics and Big Boi’s pimpalicious verses have made historical music that all relish.  Following the enjoyable entrance “Southernplayalistic”, Outkast put out 2 seriously received classics “ATLiens” and “Aquemini”.  They focused on outer space, politics, pimps, and hoes got them a special name

10. Snoop Dogg:  He started out as Dr Dre’s charge, Snoop landed big time on the Hip Hp scene with the song “Deep Cover”.  After his casual and sure debut he made his own impact on the history of Hip Hop……”DoggyStyle”.  He has great lyrics, a casual but brisk pace along with a great deal of charm that makes him a success.
Snoop Dogg

9. Eminem:By making a dramatic debut with “I don’t give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off” he made a dramatic impact. Not garnering much attention by himself he joined Dr Dre’s upstart Aftermath Records and transformed into a nationwide happening. His “The Eminem Show”, is one of his finest efforts. He epitomizes all rappers.

8. Scarface:  As the face of the inventive southern Hip Hop group The Geto Boys, Scarface brought shocking pragmatism to Hip Hop with every group and solo album he put out.  With topics covering everything from Life to Drugs and the other worlds he made a mark that many others were scared to approach.  United with a gruff delivery, Scarface will always be a dominating force in the South.

7. LL Cool J: As one of the first performers to be signed Def Jam, LL Cool J has a special place on the Hip Hop scene for the past two decades now.  With 11 platinum and gold albums, he is one of the steadiest performers.  His milestone album “Mama Said Knock You Out” altered LL’s character and let loose fury in his verses which ran for the next decade.  Later he dialed it down given the changes in his life. He survived and won many wars and always has a special soft corner for women.
LL Cool J

6. KRS-One: In spite of a continued presence over two decades he still has an impact on he Underground scene. Soon after providing Hip Hop with his Boogie Down Productions crew, Kris started on his own and acquired a name for himself. He has come up against numerous contenders to keep his place.

5. Nas: He made possibly the most significant LP in Hip Hop History……Illmatic. He was known as the second coming of the man who topped the list before him.  He fought rough times and many adversaries

4. Rakim:  He revolutionized the method an Emcee took on the mic….in his teens!  He introduced multi-syllabic lyricism. Making the Nation of Islam and God part of his lyrics, he was a force to reckon with. The milestone album “Paid In Full” turned out be the norm.  When he started on his own he produced the much appreciated “The 18th Letter”.

3. 2Pac:  As one of the most influential rapper he brought feelings to Hip Hop.  With is 1992 debut “2Pacalypse” he established his position His battles and achievements are well known to fellow rappers and his fans.  He owned the big screen, penned touching  poetry, and once in  a while even expressed the whole lot of feelings in his songs

2. The Notorious B.I.G: Biggie represented to the East coast what 2Pac meantto the West Coast.  With releases like “Ready to Die” and “Life After Death” , can be considered a legend.  He altered the mode an MC flows, and set high standards. If not for his sudden death he would still rule the scene.

The Notorious B.I.G


Jay-Z: No matter what you called him he has rapped with the best and made his place. Imitated by many others he produces consistent work for over a decade. The release of  8 multi-platinum albums, he is the envy of many.


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