15 Tips to Stay Healthy in Your Busy Life

Each day is a different challenge for all of us and we all rush to win. The world is changing at a lightning speed and we need to catch up with the changing trends lest we should lag behind. While we try to run ahead of time, trying to keep up to everyone’s expectations, juggling responsibilities side by side, we are compromising more on a healthy lifestyle. Today, human beings are prone to various diseases more than ever. Plethora of heart ailments and hormonal imbalances show up due to eating disorders. Obesity, hypertension, rapid weight loss and even anxiety and depression may show up due to excessive stress and poor diet. However, the benefits and importance of a healthy body and good health of mind are understood by many lately for which the demand for dietary supplements and health foods is on the rise. What one must understand is the fact that a complete and balanced diet is a solution to every common health problem. Therefore, no matter how busy your life gets, compromising on a healthy lifestyle is never an option.

In this article, we shall know more about the benefits of keeping healthy and also share 15 tips to stay healthy even in your busy life.

Benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Let’s state stating the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle which shall also explain why you must follow a healthy everyday routine. Being heath conscious from an early age will also keep you physically strong in the old age. It is good to adopt healthy habits early in life and continue thereafter to notice the positive impact that it will have in the long term. The following points mentioned shall emphasize more on the importance of adopting healthy habits:

  • A proper diet and routine exercise helps to improve stamina and reduce the risk of diseases. It also keeps us going through our daily chores and run errands with vigor.
  • Exercise improves blood circulation in our body and ensures smooth functioning of guts.
  • Exercising daily reduces stress, anxiety and hypertension.
  • Balanced diets supply every essential nutrient to our body and exercising cuts of the excess fat.
  • A healthy body is an asset for old age. It boosts confidence to be self-dependent.
  • One indirect benefit of being fit can be the reduced expenditure on the health care.

15 Steps to Stay Healthy Despite Busy Schedules

Now that you know the several benefits of keeping healthy, note down a few tips for the same. Amidst all the rush during a busy day we tend to skip gym and delay our meals or sometimes eat random packed food with low nutritional value when we supposed not to. Doing so can definitely take a toll on the health. But mind you, it is not impossible to be busy and healthy at the same time.

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Here are 15 measures that you may adopt to ensure to stay fit and healthy even if your life is super hectic and unpredictable.

  • Plan your day- You may have to meet a lot of commitments and juggle between different tasks in a day and therefore, it is a smart idea to plan your day before hand. Keep your To-do list updated a day before and jot down your priorities first so that you may complete the tasks which are of utmost importance in the first place. Keeping things organized beforehand is a wise choice. It also ensures that you complete all your work at hand and also saves time at the end of the day. Do not forget to include exercise in your To-do list and make time for your meals.
  • Carry well cooked home food- In case you are a college student with a busy day-to-day schedule or an office worker, try to follow this tip to stay healthy despite having a hectic time. Cook simple meals before you leave for work every day and carry it to your college or workplace. You do not have to over-complicate your meals; just include some chopped veggies or a salad or an oatmeal or anything healthy that you like to eat at home. You may also carry fruits with you as they provide all the calories that you need to go about for the day. Carrying meals also ensures that you get healthy food handy, not skip a meal and eat on time every day. You may also carry candy or snack bars to munch on whenever you are hungry. Ask a doctor for more information on health foods.
  • Stay Hydrated- Adopting healthy habits includes emptying your water bottle six times a day and make no mistake, by emptying I mean drinking. We need to know that keeping hydrated is important. Get yourself a sipper or a water bottle that you can carry around and make sure you finish 6 bottle of water by the end of the day. You may also drink lukewarm water in the morning in empty stomach and make it an everyday routine.
  • Exercise- There is no alternative to exercising when it comes to keeping fit. Starting off your day in a gym, exercising keeps you active and full of energy all through the day. Even if you haven’t been going to the gym, you can start off your day waking up early and going for a jog. You may also choose to go for some light exercise and meditate instead. Take long evening walks and goes out to get yourself small treats. It is important that you burn the excess calories exercising everyday to stay healthy.
  • Play a sport- Exercise can be mundane. Waking up early every morning and dragging yourself to go running or heading to the gym may often put you off. So why not make work out interesting? Play court games like tennis or basketball. You may also choose to join a sports league or get yourself a membership of a sports club. Playing a team sports shall not only keep you fit but also makes you accountable to other members in the team. It also boosts confidence in the player, polishes leadership skills and improves team work.
  • Cut out on caffeine- Are you a caffeine addict? It’s time that you cut it out and start slipping something healthy. We spend a couple of extra hundred bucks on coffee and products that contain caffeine. Quitting the habit can save us that expenditure. Besides, benefits like a decrease in high blood pressure due to excessive caffeine consumption, better sleep and better mood came with it.
  • Make yourself delicious smoothies- Replace your coffee breaks with smoothie breaks. Put some fruits and nuts and syrups in a blender and treat yourself with smoothies whenever you feel like sipping anything. You may carry them with you in your workplace too. These are of great nutritional value.
  • Take the stairs- Small steps can add up to big changes in the long term. Ditching the lift and taking stairs is one such step you must follow.
  • Start cooking in bulk- Having a busy life surely means that you so not get to spend enough time in the kitchen to 3 meals cook every day. Bulk cooking is a hack that may save your time in this case. Make use of your weekends to cook nutritious meals which can be easy stored, rehydrated and eaten even after 2-3 days. That way, it is easier not to fall for random cravings and come back home to well cooked food in the freezer which just requires heating and is enough to cater to you cravings.
  • Sleep sound- Our body requires at least 8 hours of sound sleep to function with vigor during the day. Not getting enough sleep leads to increased stress hormones and a destroyed sleep cycle may leave us feeling tired and fatigued all day. As the old saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
  • Schedule your weekends- Being busy is understandable but being over-workaholic is altogether a different thing. If you are stressing more about tasks to complete, deadlines to meet and errands to run all the time, you are doing more harm and no good to yourself. Schedule your weekends and declutter yourself from work-related issues. Go out and about with your friends, spend some time with your family and loved ones. You may also choose to hunt for some adventure and plan a one-day trip to somewhere. Make sure you keep aside some time to exercise as well.
  • Invest in health drinks and herbal teas- Investing a few bucks to buy health drinks and packs of herbal tea hurt nobody. Stock up some of these packets and make yourself one every-morning. Green teas are good anti-oxidants and adding protein powders to your homemade shakes can get you going a long way.
  • Take small breaks at work- You may not realize but sitting in a place and staring in the computer screen for long hours amounts to huge load of stress. Set alarms on your computer or mobile to remind yourself of taking a short break in every couple of hours. Walk around or stretch a little before getting back to work.
  • Flush out the toxins- There are easy ways to detox your body. Get yourself a glass of lukewarm water every morning and add some fresh lemon juice in it. You may as well use apple cider vinegar as an alternative. Minimize sugar intake and eliminate toxic oils like sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil etc. from your diet.
  • Have some self-time- Lastly, it is important to have a good health of mind as well. So take some time put for yourself and go for a movie or a concert, tick boxes off your wish-list, hosts house parties and invite people you love to come over often. Surround yourself with people that matter and eliminate toxic relationships to stay healthy mentally.

The above mentioned points are guidelines to happy and healthy lifestyle. Include these in your day-to-day routine to stay fit and healthy. It is also necessary that you ask a doctor to prescribe right remedies whenever you are sick and do not neglect your health due to a busy schedule as it will make matters worse.


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