100 Trendy Fall Outfits for Teens

There are many different fashion trends for teens this fall that will not only keep you warm and toasty as the weather drops, but will keep you in style throughout the season. Since fashion changes so frequently, it is a good idea to follow trends that are going to be around for a while, and many of these amazing trendy outfits feature pieces that have remained in style for some time. Not only does this ensure that you don’t have to replace your entire wardrobe, but will allow you to reuse pieces of these outfits for a number of years.

Dark Tunic Dresses and Decorative Scarves

This image features not only a beautiful dark green tunic dress with a belt, but a decorative scarf, both of which have been trending over these past few years and seem to be staying for quite some time.

fall outfits for teens (1)

Oversized Sweaters and Shorts with Leggings

Pairing an oversized sweater with leggings is nothing new, but when the sweater isn’t quite big enough to cover the leggings, a nice pair of cut off shorts are just the thing to pull your outfit together.

fall outfits for teens (2)

Black Skinny Jeans and a Cloth Jacket

Cloth motorcycle styled jackets made an appearance about 4 years ago and simply made themselves at home. They are easily paired with skinny jeans and your favorite t-shirt or blouse, and you can even add in a comfy scarf to complete the look.

fall outfits for teens (3)

Infinity Scarves and Shorts

Nobody is willing to let summer slip away without a fight, and shorts with tights, 3-quarter sleeve tops, and infinity scarves are just one way to battle the fall chill while remaining determined about keeping summer.

fall outfits for teens (54)

Jackets and Skinny Jeans

Fall is the best time to break out your favorite jackets and skinny jeans, which can be paired with your favorite booties. This combo is a must have for any trendy fall outfit.

fall outfits for teens (55)

Oversized Cable Knit Sweaters and Skirts

Nothing says fall like your favorite cable knit sweater, and the bigger, the better. You can easily pair this with your favorite skirt or simply throw on some leggings or jeans to complete your trendy look.

fall outfits for teens (5)

Native American Patterned Cardigans

You will find many Aztec styled pattern designs on everything now days, including cardigans and tops, and even pajama pants.

fall outfits for teens (6)

Plaid Tops and Distressed Jeans

Plaid designed t-shirts and distressed jeans are forever in style and will continue to trend for many years to come due to the classic look of it.

fall outfits for teens (7)

All-Stars and Rolled Bottomed Jeans

If you are looking for a classic look for the ages, then cuff your jeans and throw on a pair of All-Stars to complete this fantastic look.

fall outfits for teens (8)

Quilted Sweater and Embroidered Skirts

This unlikely pairing is not only trendy but great for the ‘Ugly Sweater’ season that starts in the mid to late fall and ends at Christmas time.

fall outfits for teens (9)

Matching Top and Scarf with Patterned Skirt

This outfit is not only a comfortable one, but incredibly chic due to the perfect matching of the top and scarf, then completed with the patterned skirt.

fall outfits for teens (10)

Long Tops and Riding Boots

If you are looking for something comfortable yet chic, then riding boots and an extra-long top paired with leggings and a scarf will keep you cozy while ensuring your outfit looks amazing.

fall outfits for teens (11)

Sweater, Skinny Jeans, and a Blazer

Not only will you enjoy the ease of dressing this outfit up, but even completing a sweater look with a blazer keeps it casual enough for having fun with friends.

fall outfits for teens (12)

Leggings and Layers

For a comfortable legging look, layer sweaters and tops as well as add a pair of knitted Ugs to the outfit and you are not only warm but trendy.

fall outfits for teens (13)

Long Tops and Riding Boots

Long tops are big each fall and you should ensure that you have at least a handful of plain colors and a few patterns like these stripes to match your leggings and riding boots.

fall outfits for teens (14)

Slacks and Midriffs

Slacks rarely pair with midriff tops, however there are cases where you can pair them and top it off with an open blouse for an accented look.

fall outfits for teens (15)

Slacks and Strappy Heels

Break out your strappy heels this fall and pair them with a pair of slacks and a comfortable sweater to get the most out of your trendy fall outfits.

fall outfits for teens (16)

Knit Cardigans and Dresses

Knit Cardigans are a great way to dress up or down an outfit, like this pencil skirt dress is being dressed down for a more casual look.

fall outfits for teens (17)

Boots, Sweaters, and Floral Skirts

Fall is about natural tones, and floral skirts and boots make a trendy appearance when paired with sweaters for a natural look that cannot be beat.

fall outfits for teens (18)

Skater Skirts and Motorcycle Jackets

There has never been a more unlikely pairing than that of the motorcycle jacket and the skater skirt, though they certainly look fabulous together.

fall outfits for teens (19)

Business Casual

A blouse and cardigan certainly say a day at the office, but when paired with leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of riding boots, you are looking for a trendy outfit that hovers between casual and dressy.

fall outfits for teens (20)

Floral Blouse and Skinny Jeans

Floral is everywhere during the fall months as a reminder of summer, and floral tops that are a bit more flowy are usually paired with skinny jeans to help balance the overall look.

fall outfits for teens (21)

Pencil Skirts and Sweaters

This business style look is amazing for teens who are a little older and are getting ready to begin looking into collages before graduation.

fall outfits for teens (22)

Patterned Sweaters and Flared Skirts

This is a match made in heaven as you can toss pretty much any sweater with a flared skirt for a totally trendy outfit for the ages.

fall outfits for teens (23)

Over Sized and Knit

There is nothing comfier than that of an oversized sweater, a large infinity scarf, and a knit hat, though completing the look with leggings, boots and a large bag will bring balance to your overall style.

fall outfits for teens (24)

Cable Knit Poncho

Cable knit ponchos are popping up all over the place, and are great to throw over a long sleeve shirt, though it is good to remember that they have their time and place.

fall outfits for teens (25)

Sweaters and Wide Legged Shorts

Wide legged shorts are another early fall fashion to enjoy before the weather gets too chilly, and they can even be paired with a comfy knit sweater to keep you toasty.

fall outfits for teens (26)

Fringe Sweaters and Skinny Distressed Jeans

This fashionable trend hasn’t changed, though it is now common to see fringe from sweaters as though they are unraveling like the distressed jeans that they are paired with.

fall outfits for teens (27)

Long Knit Tops and Chunky Heels

It isn’t uncommon to see chunky heels paired with long knit tops during the fall season that will surly remind you to keep warm before winter comes in.

fall outfits for teens (28)

Add a Hat

You can add a hat to just about any fall ensemble to get an even more fashion forward look to your trendy outfit, such as here with the oversized sweater and skinny jeans.

fall outfits for teens (29)

Single Breast Pocket Sweaters

While your shorts and pants may have pockets, breast pockets are in this fall with them appearing on sweaters and long sleeve shirts for a useful yet trendy look.

fall outfits for teens (30)

Puffy Vests and Wedge Sneakers

The puffy vest will forever be in style during the fall months, however wedge sneakers were overlooked for years before they became truly trendy in their own right and now that they have finally been noticed will likely stick around.

fall outfits for teens (31)

Long Plaid Trench Coats

Plaid has been a signal of fall for many years, however it is just now being noticed as an amazing pattern for coats and jackets that will keep us warm this fall season.

fall outfits for teens (32)

Going Classic

Jeans and a knit sweater couldn’t be any more classic, and when paired with a pair of riding boots, you have an unstoppable fall trend.

fall outfits for teens (33)

Button Up, Jeans, and Loafers

Loafers and Moccasins are making their way back into style and can easily be paired with your favorite jeans and button up shirt.

fall outfits for teens (34)

Double the Fun

There are two trends here, the fade trend where your top possesses colors from the pants in the form of poke-a-dots, and the jacket and riding boots paired with a comfy scarf. Both amazing trends for the fall season and incredibly easy to put together.

fall outfits for teens (35)

Long Jean Top, Cardigan, and Leggings with Boots

While jean tops have been considered a ‘no-no’ for years, it is coming back in the form of long tops that pair with leggings. Simply toss on a cardigan and slip on some legwarmers with your favorite boots, and you are good to go.

fall outfits for teens (36)

Sweaters with Jeans

When pairing a sweater with jeans, you can never really go wrong as any patterned or plain sweater or sweatshirt will do, pair this with knee high boots, and you are good.

fall outfits for teens (37)

Be Expressive

You can always pair your wedge sneakers with just about anything, including a pair of leggings and flared skirt. However you can be incredibly expressive with your knits like your scarf and hat being brightly colored.

fall outfits for teens (38)

Ankle Boots and Matching Bags

You will always find comfort in your ankle boots this fall, but be sure to match your bags to your tops rather than your jacket as it will allow you to stand out slightly while still properly matching.

fall outfits for teens (39)

Flared Skirt and a Long Sleeve Midriff

Midriff tops are making a huge comeback and can easily be paired with high waist flared skirts for the ability to show a little skin without going overboard.

fall outfits for teens (40)

Dresses and Cardigans with Colored Tights

Colored tights are back in style, and dresses with belts have been big for a few years. However one of the hottest trends has been to use the belt over your cardigan rather than simply around the dress, tying the entire outfit together.

fall outfits for teens (41)

Plaid Jackets and Pants

Pairing plaid with plaid is always a good fashion trend, especially when it comes to jackets and slacks since you can pair your favorite shirt to your slacks with ease.

fall outfits for teens (42)

Hats and Tops

You can also pair your hats with your favorite long sleeve top for an added pop of color as well as a more fall styled look that matches the changing colors of the leaves.

fall outfits for teens (43)

Patterned Knits

Patterned knits are always in style for both fall and winter, and since they suit both seasons incredibly well, are a must have in any teen’s closet.

fall outfits for teens (44)

Floral Blouse

Loose floral blouses in just about any color you can imagine are trending this fall season and will remain a trendy addition to any closet since they are a traditional fall trend.

fall outfits for teens (45)

High Waist Skirts

High waist skirts are trendy no matter what season, but the darker colors seem to be more predominant during the fall months than during that of any other season.

fall outfits for teens (46)


Fall is the season for layering your clothing such as button up shirts and vests, leggings and leg warmers, and so much more to keep cozy while the temperature drops.

fall outfits for teens (47)

Patterned Blouses

Simple patterns are more common during the fall and this patterned blouse is certainly a must have since it is light colored and simple in its design.

fall outfits for teens (48)

Jean Jackets and Tights with Shorts

Jean Jackets are coming back this fall, and no fall trend would be complete without pairing tights with shorts to keep your legs from freezing while it gets colder outside.

fall outfits for teens (49)

High Cuffed Pants and Ankle Boots

This trend has been seen on and off for the past few years, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Pants that hem at the ankles and ankle boots are the perfect pair this fall season.

fall outfits for teens (50)

Boyfriend Style

Big clothes are always in style during the fall months, and slacks with large sweaters pays homage to the boyfriend looks of years past with easy and style.

fall outfits for teens (51)

Dresses and Cardigans

If you aren’t into belting your cardigan to your dresses, it is still fashion forward to let them flow in a natural way, and incredibly comfortable no matter which you choose.

fall outfits for teens (52)

Fun Hats and Scarves

Fall is the season for hats and scarves, and pairing them in any way you like will be expressive, fun, and incredibly trendy. Even if they don’t completely match.

fall outfits for teens (53)

Big Sunglasses

Sunglasses don’t simply go away when the seasons change, and this fashionable look is perfect for those not ready for summer to end.

fall outfits for teens (54)

Chunky Heels

Any boot with a chunky heel should be taken out and brushed off this fall because your tallest and thickest heels couldn’t be more in style.

fall outfits for teens (55)

Neutral Tones

Olives, tans, peach, and more, neutral tones are one of the key notes of fall and no matter how you pair them together you will look fabulous.

fall outfits for teens (56)

Blacks and Smokey Tans

While black and brown should never be put together, there is something about matching smoky tans together this fall that simply falls into trend this season.

fall outfits for teens (57)

Black with a Hint of Color

Wearing all black is a definite no-no, but you can still put in a bright pop of color like this red blouse to break up the darkness of the outfit.

fall outfits for teens (58)


It is important that you understand that matching jean colors is important to pulling off this look, you cannot pair different shades and expect it to work well for you.

fall outfits for teens (59)

Match Your Knit

Matching the color of your knits to your florals and other colors is a must this season.

fall outfits for teens (60)

Pops of Color

Don’t let the onset of winter bring you down, add a pop of color to your whites, blacks, and creams.

fall outfits for teens (61)


Mustard colored dresses with long sleeve tops are certainly in season this year and can be paired with your favorite tights.

fall outfits for teens (62)

Long High Waist Skirts and Collared Shirts

High waist skirts that are long and collared shirts pay homage to years past, though are coming back this fall for the newest of the trends to come.

fall outfits for teens (63)

School Sweatshirts and Jeans

School sweatshirts and jeans are in this season, especially with college football in the air.

fall outfits for teens (64)

Fun Skirts and Button-Up Cardigans

Paying homage to the 50’s this fall by wearing fun skirts and button up cardigans for a warm and cozy outfit.

fall outfits for teens (65)

Tights or Leggings and Boots

Wearing tights or leggings with your favorite boots is no longer a no-no this fall, so throw them on and show this trend off.

fall outfits for teens (66)

Warm Blazers

You should ensure that you have at least one or two warm blazers this fall to keep your warm into the winter months.

fall outfits for teens (67)

Pleated Skirts and Button-Up Blouses

You cannot go wrong with a pleated skirt and button up blouse this fall, and can always complete the look with a belt and boots for something a little extra.

fall outfits for teens (68)

High-Low Skirts

High-Low skirts are here to stay from fall to winter this year, you can pair them with boots or strappy heels for a little something different.

fall outfits for teens (69)

Break Up Black

You can always break up blacks with knits, skirts, and boots for a more fall styled look, try a pattered skirt and a crocheted scarf this season.

fall outfits for teens (70)

Long Belted Skirts

Long belted skirts are back, and the lighter the material the better.

fall outfits for teens (71)

Button-Ups and Knitted Vests

Button ups and knit vests are in this fall and can be paired with your favorite blazer and riding boots for a much more casual look.

fall outfits for teens (72)

Keep it Simple

Simple outfits are in as well, and cannot be over looked this fall. Something as simple as a skirt, top, and scarf are easy and comfortable too.

fall outfits for teens (73)


You can add a red accent to any outfit through the use of a knit hat and plaid scarf, and a bonus is that plaid comes in many colors giving you a variety of things to work with.

fall outfits for teens (74)

Greys and Creams

Grey is another fall color that is popular during the cooling months, but why not toss in a little cream colors to break up the dullness that grey tends to bring.

fall outfits for teens (75)

Brown, Grey, and White

Brown, grey, and white are the best of friends this fall season and can be seen in everything from tops to knits, so pair them up for a cozy outfit.

fall outfits for teens (76)

Long Coats

Long coats are comfy and warm, and are trending incredibly well this fall.

fall outfits for teens (77)

Mustard and Skinny Jeans

Mustard doesn’t match a whole lot, but you can certainly pair it with black and blues if you are determined to wear your oversized knit sweater in mustard yellow.

fall outfits for teens (78)

Loose Button-Ups

Wearing your button up tops loose this fall is not only comfortable but is a popular trend this season.

fall outfits for teens (79)


Matching browns is a safe trend, and this includes patterns and solids. Everything can be paired with a hue or shade to fit this trend to a T.

fall outfits for teens (80)

Yoga Pants and Large Knits

Yoga pants are incredibly popular as of late, and when paired with your favorite large knits, you are following the world’s most comfy trend.

fall outfits for teens (81)

Color to Browns

Want to add some color to your brown ensemble, toss in some orange to break up the monotony of this trend and add a little spark of color.

fall outfits for teens (82)

Big Bags

The trend of using the world’s largest purse only becomes more stylish this fall as everything is bigger and your purses aren’t excluded.

fall outfits for teens (83)

Colorful Floppy Hats

Colorful floppy hats are in this season, and no matter what color you choose you can easily pair them to any number of fall outfits.

fall outfits for teens (84)

Massive Scarves

For a while the smallest of scarves were in style, but this year the largest scarves of all rule the day and keep the chill off your neck.

fall outfits for teens (85)

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are always fashionable when the weather cools off, and this year is no different since you can pair them with just about anything.

fall outfits for teens (86)

Bowed Collars

Collars that are meant to be tied into bows are back in style this fall season.

fall outfits for teens (87)

Long Bright Dresses

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that your long colorful dresses are out of style just yet, pair them with a leather jacket and you are back to trendy outfits again.

fall outfits for teens (88)

Fall Colored Patterns

Fall colored patterns are in style this fall and will help you stay fashionable throughout this chilly season.

fall outfits for teens (89)

Colorful Skirts and Sweaters

Whether you are pairing your colorful skirt to a knit sweater or a sweatshirt, you will be fashionable this fall.

fall outfits for teens (90)

Strappy Shoes and Distressed Jeans

This trend will never end, so keep your distressed jeans around all year long and pair them with strappy shoes or boots as you see fit this fall.

fall outfits for teens (91)

Puffy Blouses

Puffy blouses are in style this season with patterns that add volume to the blouse, pair with a cardigan for the trendiest outfit.

fall outfits for teens (92)

Long Fleece Jackets and Bright Colors

Matching bright colors with a light fleece jacket is one of the most popular trends this fall, including matching bright blues with yellows for an extra pop of color.

fall outfits for teens (93)

Fun Patterned Wide Leg Pants and Blouses

One of the newest trends this fall includes that of patterned wide leg pants paired with blouses of a solid color, providing a light and airy look.

fall outfits for teens (94)

Flare Dresses and Bowler Hats

Not only is this dress incredibly cute, but pairing dresses with bowler hats and heels is becoming increasingly popular this fall. It is highly recommended that when attempting this look, which you should ensure that the color of your hat matches the color of your dress and shoes for the best results possible.

fall outfits for teens (95)

Bright Colors and Florals

Pairing bright neon colors and florals is another incredibly popular trend this fall as it preserves the brightness of the summer for a little longer.

fall outfits for teens (96)

Business Attire

Simple blouses and skirts paired with blazers are completely in this fall, and will certainly be useful to have in your closet for various occasions.

fall outfits for teens (97)

Zip-Up Jackets

Zip up jackets in fun colors and patterns, and made out of different fabrics such as tweed, are definitely hot this fall. Not only will you find more of these classic styled jackets, but expect to find a multitude of different fabrics.

fall outfits for teens (98)

Casual Dress

Floral leggings and baggy shirts have been in style for a while now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

fall outfits for teens (99)

Single Color Matching

Matching hues and shades of the same color in your outfits has been increasingly trendy this fall and not only looks classy but incredibly stylish.

fall outfits for teens (100)

Bright Floral Skirts

Pairing bright floral skirts with blouses and blazers, coupled with a comfortable pair of flats, is an excellent fall trend that should definitely stick around. It works well for days out shopping with friends, or brunch dates with your family, while also remaining casual yet slightly dressier than your jeans and favorite top.

fall outfits for teens

White Shorts with Plaid

Pairing a pair of white shorts and plaid not only looks great but is super easy to throw together for a casual day out. It takes very little effort and allows you to stay on the go, so this trend is great for those who are always busy.

fall outfits for teens (102)

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