100 Fabulous Plus Size Fashions

Something that many people don’t instantly realize is that there are many amazing outfits for plus size girls that will accentuate the highly attractive curves that they possess. Not only can plus size girls and women be fabulously beautiful and attractive, but their curvy look is something that is important to accentuation when choosing clothing. Here are 100 hot and sexy plus sized girl fashions that should be followed to the letter to help accentuate your curves rather than hiding them beneath flowing folds of fabric unnecessarily. Being plus sized doesn’t mean you hide your body from the world, but rather accentuate and show off your beauty differently.

Looking For Classy

When you look for an outfit that will enhance your curves, try a waistline that will accentuate the curve from your hips with a skirt that flows outward for a more curvy appeal.

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Pumps are Your Friends

Try wearing pumps to get a leaner look to your body while wearing jeans as it will make you appear slimmer without taking away from your body’s natural curves.

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Just a Little Flare

If you want to make your waist appear a bit slimmer, try a dress with a slight flare to its center and a pencil styled skirt which will give a more slimming appearance to your waist line.

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The goal when dressing your body in plus sized clothing is to accentuate the most flattering curves while disguising curves that you feel may not be as pleasing. Tank tops are great at this as they help hide what you want while accentuating your bust.

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Twist Tops

Tops and dresses that twist between the bust are an amazing trick to accentuating your body’s natural shape and will help give more of an hour glass effect.

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Toned Tummy

Toning your tummy and wearing fitted plus size clothing is another trick to dressing in a way that is appeasing to the eye, however this may take some trial and error to perfect.

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When choosing your lingerie, ensure that the bust is loose while everything else is a bit more form fitted to provide the shape you desire in your clothing.

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Fitted Dresses

Fitted dresses with a 50’s feel to them are also beautiful in plus sizes as they provide more control to the shape of your body while looking fabulous.

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Fitted Dresses and Shapes

Straight lined shapes are another way to appear slimmer as it draws the eye in a way that accentuates curves while streamlining the body.

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Vertical Stripes

Stripes are an amazing way to lengthen your body and accentuate curves as they draw the eye in a vertical fashion, add heels and you are slimmer and curvy in appearance.

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Free Form Fabrics

When you wear anything that has a freer formed and flowing shape, it is best to ensure you wear a belt with it to slim down the waist without hiding your natural curves.

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Control Tops

Control tops are a blessing and a curse as they squeeze, however if you get the right size they are incredibly comfortable and look amazing with or without an over top.

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Lacy Lingerie

Lacy lingerie is another beautiful addition to your closet and will allow you to show your shape without letting it all show, plus it is incredibly sexy.

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Textured Dresses

The textured dress is wonderful for fitting your form and hiding unflattering shapes, plus the always provide a fun look that cannot be beat.

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Black Cross Strap Dresses

Black is known for being slimming, however something that most people don’t realize is that cross strap dresses and tops also make your bust appear larger providing a fuller hourglass figure.

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Control Top Lingerie

If you are worried about your more unflattering curves, then a control top body suit is the best way to go when getting comfort while achieving a more form fit look.

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No matter what your size, belts that cinch the waistline are amazingly fashionable while providing a more defined curve to your body.

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Corset Tops

Everyone looks amazing in a corset top, and the best thing is that you can choose the length that you are comfortable with while controlling your waistline and bust.

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Strappy Back Dresses

Strappy, deep V backed dresses are always in fashion and look fabulous while providing more definition to your body as it provides a line that the eye can follow.

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Print Skirt Dresses

If you want to portray a more pear shaped body style, then choosing a dress with a bold print on the bottom and a slimming black top will help you to achieve that goal.

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Sliming Black Body Suits

Body suits are great to wear under your dresses and dress clothes as they help to create a more flattering shape, and they can even pass for dress tops when in darker shades.

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Strappy Swimsuits

Everyone loves an amazing swimsuit, and strappy swimwear is a staple for any closet, it creates a slimming effect while also defining the body’s natural lines.

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Simple Black Dress

This simple black dress is the perfect example of a dress that will create an hourglass shape while remaining classy and sophisticated.

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Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are the best for casual days and can be paired with both jeans and skirts with ease while retaining the level of comfort that you wish to enjoy throughout the day.

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Bathing Tops

This bathing top not only provides protection against the harmful rays of the sun, but allows for comfort when taking a trip to the beach or pool in your swimsuit.

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Professional and Simple

Camisoles and skirts are the perfect pairing for professional settings, and when you add in a blazer and belt at the waist, not only do you define and hourglass or pear shape but look fabulously professional at the same time.

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Warm and Cozy

There isn’t anything wrong with dressing comfortably, and oversized sweaters and comfy books pair incredibly well with a pair of leggings or simply a comfy pair of yoga pants.

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Classy Chick

When looking for plus sized clothes, there is nothing that can be more friendly than that of a loose blouse and a pencil skirt to get that classy and sophisticated look you want.

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Bright and Floral

Floral patterns can help to break up a bold section of fabric as well as provide variety. Pair a blouse with a floral pencil skirt and you are looking gorgeous.

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Chic Overalls

Overalls offer the same shaping power as a pencil skirt with much more versatility, and this outfit simply rocks with a simple tee and center split overalls to give a flirty and feminine look.

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The Empress

The empress waistline was made popular after the French Revolution and this red dress screams fashion forward with the high waistline and silhouette skirt that flows so effortlessly.

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You can get many clothes with accents on them such as the spikes on the shoulders or the foil down the leg, as they are not only in style but help to draw the eye and elongate the body when worn properly.

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One Piece Bathing Suits

There is something simply fabulous about a one piece bathing suit that accentuates shape without going overboard or being overly conservative.

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Patterns and Bright Colors

If you want to bring out your wild side, wearing an animal print blouse is the perfect thing. Although many like subduing that slightly, so pair it with a bright colored sweater.

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Animal Print Shorts

If you are really feeling wild, a pair of fun patterned animal print shorts will certainly do the trick. However ensure you go with a simple blouse to ensure you aren’t over doing it.

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Black Fitted Dresses

Black is slimming, though if you wear a fitted black dress you can accentuate your curves and the slit up the side is really chic as well as a little teasing.

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Flirty Strapless

Dressing cutesy every now and then is simply essential, and this empress waist line strapless really gives an extra girly touch that everyone looks for in a super cutesy dress.

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Fitted Black Dress with a Bad Side

If you are looking to spice up your black fitted dress, then slip into a classic motorcycle jacket to get a little of the bad girl feel.

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Splash of Color

Rather than pairing your pencil skirt for the office with a plain loose blouse, add in a splash of color by choosing a bright color such as this brilliant blue.

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There is nothing more fun than a foil designed skirt and a gorgeous cowl neck top, but throw in a golden belt to match the foil and you have yourself a winning outfit worth a Grammy or Golden Globe.

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Nudes and Lace

Finding a dress that is made of lace with a nude fabric underneath is the hottest thing in fashion, and if you top it off with a flare at the hips you will have an amazing outfit.

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Cross tops and either yoga pants or leggings are some of the finest things in your closet for a simple day out without needing to dress up for anything special.

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Graphic Tee & Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts make just about everything look amazing, including this graphic tee and open sandal styled heels.

sexy plus size girls (43)

Tunic Top with Cuffed Distressed Jeans

One amazing combination you cannot go wrong with is that of tunic tops and jeans. While distressed and cuffed look best with heels, any pair of your favorite jeans will do.

sexy plus size girls (44)

Nude High-Low Top and Shorts

If you are feeling adventurous, a pair of shorts and a high-low top with a fun design can really bring your outfits to life.

sexy plus size girls (45)

Mint Green and Aztec Print

A combo that you may not realize will look amazing is fresh colors with an Aztec print skirt, this takes some experimentation but as you can see the mint green looks beautiful.

sexy plus size girls (46)

Long Drape Tops

While the form is a little boxier, drape style tops are not only comfortable but are also incredibly stylish when properly dressed up.

sexy plus size girls (47)

Airline Pin Up

A simple scarf and blouse can go a long way, and when combined with a pencil styled skirt, you can have a pin up styled outfit that is not only classy but awe inspiring.

sexy plus size girls (48)

Tank Top and Loose Slit Skirt

While some may be a little more cautious of the amount of skin showing, this combination looks amazing and totally sexy without going completely over board.

sexy plus size girls (49)

Bold Blouse and Jeans

You can never go wrong with a blouse and jeans, and you can even make the style your own by choosing vibrant colors and fun patterns like with this wavy striped orange blouse.

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Bad Girl Chic

Motorcycle jackets, tee shirts, and colorful pants are all the rage and allow you to make up your own style with a free spirited mindset of your own.

sexy plus size girls (51)

Jumpers and Jackets

This jumper gives a pirate styled feel that is totally sexy and when combined with the metallic like jacket, it really comes together for a chic look that will work for just about anyone with an attitude to match.

sexy plus size girls (52)

Asymmetrical Topped Dresses

This beautiful dress not only accentuates the top portion of the body without being revealing, but evens out the shape of the body allowing for a slimmer feeling overall.

sexy plus size girls (53)

Lace Tunic and Jeans

Lace tunic tops and jeans are one of the best combinations that you can choose to fit just about every body shape while looking amazing and relaxed rather than extremely dressed up.

sexy plus size girls (54)


Looking to stand out? Try a vibrant combination of colors like this purple top and bright yellow pants, though balance it with a black jacket to tone down the harshness of the colors.

sexy plus size girls (55)

Office Chic

Any blouse, jacket, and pencil skirt combination is amazing for the work place and can be incredibly sexy while still being dressed appropriately for the work place.

sexy plus size girls (56)

Well Framed

This dress is definitely one of a kind and provides an hour glass shape that cannot be beat due to the framing of the shapes with the white strips between the two colors.

sexy plus size girls (57)

Belted Blouse with Colorful Skirt

A combination like this is super easy to pull off and will allow you to add a pop of color through the skirt rather than simply wearing a colored blouse. You can even do this with a flared skirt a well if you are looking for something a little different.

sexy plus size girls (58)

Interesting Combinations

The combination of this skirt and top grabs the eye due to the two different fabrics in the skirt and the simplicity of the top, but when a motorcycle jacket is tossed into the mix, it gives a classic bad girl look.

sexy plus size girls (59)

Floral and Lace

The combination of this floral laced top in a bright pink, along with this floral pencil skirt is certainly eye catching and brightens up a space with ease while enjoying the fun style.

sexy plus size girls (60)

High-Low Flare Top and Black Jeans

There is certainly a lot of balance taking place here and with the vibrancy of the pink being balanced with the black makes this outfit absolutely mystical.

sexy plus size girls (61)


Try a black pencil skirt and a blouse of any color with black poke dots to create the idea of balance and blending between your skirt and top.

sexy plus size girls (62)

Pencil Skirt, Stockings, and a Blouse

Simplicity can be your best friend, and during the cooler months of the year you may still want to wear your favorite skirt, so toss on a pair of opaque stockings and rock your favorite and most simple outfits.

sexy plus size girls (63)

Prom Dress and a Blazer

If you have a shorter dress that looks as though it was meant for much more elegant things, toss on a blazer to help dress it down and provide it more purpose.

sexy plus size girls (64)

Loose Lace and Jeans

Not only does a loose top help you to feel more comfortable, but you can easily dress up your favorite jeans as lace is considered to be that of a more elegant material and really dresses up various outfits with ease.

sexy plus size girls (65)

Asymmetrical Flare and Pencil Skirt

Asymmetrical tops with a flare at the waist really grab hold of your attention and provide a dressiness that is hard to expect or anticipate, pair this with a pencil skirt that is known for its strict angles and you have your own interpretation of Yin and Yang.

sexy plus size girls (66)

Funky Leggings

You can wear funky styled leggings with just about every outfit available, though you do want to ensure that the color matches to make it as fashionable as possible.

sexy plus size girls (67)

Nude and Tulle

This dress is that of elegance and a night on the town, while you may think this is the perfect party dress, the tulle makes it more of a dinner dress since it is incredibly fragile.

sexy plus size girls (68)

Long Evening Wear

A long bright dress may not be the top of your list of amazing evening wear, however it not only looks classy but possesses the elegance that you would expect out of any other evening dress. If bright colors aren’t your thing, then try this style in another color.

sexy plus size girls (69)

Purple Bows

Try any dress that possesses a fun neckline, ¾ length sleeves, and a bow to find the same effective look. This dress reminisces of secretary style chic without being simply black and white.

sexy plus size girls (70)

Blouse, Cardigan, Jeans, Done

This classic comfortable look is great for anyone on the go or simply having a casual day at home or anywhere else for that matter. Casual comfy close like this can look chic without being frumpy.

sexy plus size girls (71)

Zebra Stripes

Stripes only have one golden rule, and that is to ensure that they create the shape you are going for. These stripes are not only fragmented providing an abstract appearance, but give the impression of zebra stripes.

sexy plus size girls (72)

Tassels and Shorts

Loose shirts with tassels are constantly popular and hardly go out of style in the summer, so pair yours with a dark wash pair of shorts and your favorite wedges for a casually classy look.

sexy plus size girls (73)

50’s Inspired

Poufy poodle skirts are still in style, when done properly. This combo of pink and grey is not only classic but takes the vibrant color of the skirt to brightening heights without being overly obnoxious.

sexy plus size girls (74)

Lace Corsets

Strapless lace corsets can be either dressy or casual, depending on how you wear them. They are simply a must have for any closet and provide control as well as amazing form fitting style that will look amazing with either jeans or a skirt.

sexy plus size girls (75)

Polka Dot High Waist Bikini

High waist bikinis not only provide control where you need it most, but are incredibly sexy while following many of the most popular styles.

sexy plus size girls (76)


Fitted Pattern Dress and Blazer

Fitted dresses help to provide more curves to your body that bring out your body shape, and fun patterns are simply a must. Top it off with a blazer of your choosing for a more sophisticated look.

sexy plus size girls (77)

Halter Dress and Cardigans

Halter dresses can help you to obtain security up top while also providing a V shaped neckline that is comfortable, pair this with a cardigan for a day out or for comfort.

sexy plus size girls (78)

Loose Zip Front Dresses

If you are looking for a comfortable style that is easy, zip front dresses that are loose in shape paired with matching leggings or stockings are the perfect combination for an anytime outfit.

sexy plus size girls (79)

Matching Halter Top and Skirt

Many designers offer split dresses with a matching halter top and skirt, this is a great way to get dressed up while showing a little skin, making it incredibly sexy.

sexy plus size girls (80)

Flared Tulle Dresses

Not only are these dresses incredibly chic, but they provide balance due to the higher waistline along with a nostalgic feel.

sexy plus size girls (81)

Light Spring Dress and Cardigan

Light, cotton dresses or spring dresses can be paired with cardigans with ease, and they are incredibly comfortable when looking for a more casual feel to your outfit.

sexy plus size girls (82)

High Waist Bottoms and Blouse

When you want something sexy, yet warm, you can always pair a long sleeved blouse with a pair of high waist shorts or high waist mini skirt to get the sexy feeling you are looking for. Then pair it with your warmest faux fur coat.

sexy plus size girls (83)

Loose Knit Sweater

Loose knit sweaters are not only incredibly comfortable, but provide a slight sexy feel with a wide neckline that can be set askew.

sexy plus size girls (84)

T-Shirt, Jeans, and a Blazer

You cannot go wrong with the basics, and there is simply nothing more basic than a T and jeans, but add in a blazer and your favorite heels to have a spicy yet comfortable outfit.

sexy plus size girls (85)

Corset and Wide Legged Pants

Corsets provide a lot of control, and pairing a sexy corset with a pair of wide leg trousers may be just what you need to give yourself a classy outfit that can be worn on nights out.

sexy plus size girls (86)

Loose Sweater, Tank, and Leggings

Loose sweaters can be paired with anything, and that includes your favorite tank top and leggings to get a sexy, yet comfortable look.

sexy plus size girls (87)

Halter Swim Suit and Wrap

Halter top one piece swim suits are wonderful for a hot day and when paired with a wrap you can relax by the pool with comfort and ease.

sexy plus size girls (88)

Bright Colored Pants with Matching Cardigan

If you are looking for an outfit that stands out, pair colored pants and a colored cardigan of the same color for a pop of color that stands out.

sexy plus size girls (89)

Blazer, Shorts and Blouse

When you want color, a bright colored blazer can easily dress up a blouse and shorts in a snap. Not only does it look fabulous, but you will be able to go out without putting much effort into your outfit.

sexy plus size girls (90)

Decorative Blouse with Belt

To achieve the look of a slimmer waist line, a blouse paired with a belt will provide a more hour glass figure to your body with giving you a classy look.

sexy plus size girls (91)

Black and White Triangular Dress

Sharp angled patterns can help to break up a solid colored dress, so why not choose two tones and give yourself an even more chiseled figure.

sexy plus size girls (92)

Motorcycle Jacket and Jeans

There isn’t a classier pairing than that of a motorcycle jacket and skinny jeans, white motorcycle jackets are chic and pair well with just about anything.

sexy plus size girls (93)

Halter Two Piece Swimsuit

Halter styled swimsuits are wonderful and a halter tank-ini is just one way to go when choosing your swimsuit.

sexy plus size girls (94)

Tunic Top and Jeans

While jeans are fabulous all on their own, a tunic top can complete a look with ease when fitted around the middle.

sexy plus size girls (95)

Shorts and a Midriff Top

If you are rocking a toned tummy, then a midriff top and shorts is the perfect combo when wanting a sexy look.

sexy plus size girls (96)

Haltered Skirt Swimsuit

One piece swimsuits are wonderful, but one with a halter top and skirted bottom looks fabulous during any summer months.

sexy plus size girls (97)

Red Dress

Everyone should have a red dress in their closet.

sexy plus size girls (98)

Colorful Floral

Colorful dresses with a floral print are a must have, especially with a fitted waist.

sexy plus size girls (99)

Blouse, Shorts, and Faux Fur

Faux fur goes with everything, including a pair of shorts and a blouse.

sexy plus size girls (100)

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