10 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Dating

In May 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was sorry to see how many users indicate in their profiles that they are single. The head of Facebook promised to come up with a function that will help people to find soulmates and build a long relationship with her/him. This is how “Facebook Dating” appeared, where you can make a separate profile for dating. While the service is still at the testing stage, we will tell you what is special about it right now.

Colombia is the First

Now the application is already available for users in Colombia. This is not the obvious choice for testing, but, according to social network managers, there are several reasons for this:

1) Facebook is popular there (about 30 million users are registered);

2) Internet dating is well-developed here;

3) There is a right combination of urban and rural inhabitants, which is important for testing.

However, before the large-scale launch of this app, you are welcome to find beautiful Russian brides at ladadate.com/russian-brides. According to the first reviews, the service will be interesting to those who are looking for long-term relations, rather than a one-time meeting. In general, such an approach is typical for Facebook, which is always against frivolity, provocation, and sex.

Colleagues, Family, and Lovers — All in One App

Entering the territory of dating services, Facebook has an advantage: its application has a huge user base, and, according to Zuckerberg, about 200 million of them are alone. To get access to the new dating service, you don’t have to download and install anything. When the time comes, the app will offer to try the function “Facebook Dating”. First, users will be allowed to fill out and edit their profiles for dating, and when enough people are connected to the service, the function of selecting partners will start.

Configuring Privacy and Search Options

Many who do not dare to create a profile on a dating site are afraid that suddenly one of their friends will know about it. When it comes to dating on social networks, such a fear tripled. However, Facebook Dating thought about it.

When you activate a profile, you can mark if you want your friends and common friends to see it in the service or not. In turn, you can see the profiles of only those friends who also do not mind showing it to everyone. When privacy is sorted out, you can filter candidates by distance (maximum search radius is 100 km), by the presence (or absence) of children, by religion, height, and age. When all the criteria are taken into account, a smart algorithm searches among thousands of users.

It is essential to remember that the algorithms of Facebook are not stable, they are changing all the time and adapt to the realities of modern life. Hence, this will make FB dating service unique in the niche. Quite probably, not only the info indicated in bio will be taken into account. Also, the pictures will be analyzed and a user will be identified with a certain category of search.

In such a way, one may assume that FB will become a dating service with a more exact matching by filters and preferences indicated by a particular user. In any case, these are still guesses for the users who are still unable to make use of the function.

The Main Benefits of Dating Service from FB

  1. No need to create a separate profile on a platform and again enter info in the bio.
  2. Notifications are regularly received from FB, hence, no need to check several platforms if there are incoming messages. One service with multiple functions is convenient.
  3. Everyone knows FB and knows that this is a reliable platform; that is why the necessity to identify the reliability of a particular dating site is eliminated.
  4. People are used to sharing a lot of info and pictures on FB, so on this platform, the chances to learn more about a person you have liked are higher than anywhere else.
  5. Almost everyone has got a profile on Facebook, hence, this dating service will have a high number of users that increases the chances to find a soulmate on the web.

Possible Flaws of FB Dating

Some people can be embarrassed that they are searching for partners on the web. Yes, there is the possibility to hide this feature from friends, however, in such a case, the chances to meet a partner can be decreased. That is why lots of people may doubt and do not dare to activate this function on Facebook.

Unfortunately, like any other online platform, FB is the service where scammers can expand their activity. That is why, like on any other dating site, a user should be careful before telling too much to an unknown person. The rules of behavior on the web, as well as the measures of personal safety, shall under no condition be ignored.

Try your luck in love on Facebook. Probably, this is the platform you have been waiting for. What is your attitude towards online dating apps? Have you ever met people online for a romantic purpose? Tell us your story in the comments.


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