City’s sexuality is perceived very differently and individually. For some it is a romantic atmosphere and elegant architecture, for others – beautiful city dwellers, while for third ones city’s sexuality is all about the clubs and nightlife. Yet others are looking for passionate country’s traditions and hot temperament.

Today I have combined all of these epithets and soon going to share with you a list of truly sexiest cities around the globe which literally breathe romance, passion, and love. Book hotel in these towns right away, don’t forget your beloved ones and have the most romantic and sexiest time of your life. I guarantee!

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New York City, United States

City, which is full of millions of people who came here from all around the world, simply has to be sexy. Hundredths of Hollywood movies and various TV shows took place in this city as well, showing how crazy life in NYC is. One of the best examples of that surely is the legendary “Sex and the City”, which name says a lot about the city and the people who live there.

In New York City, you will find everything and something you haven’t imagined yet too. The city’s cultural, economic and club life is definitely very alive and not like other towns’ too. And all those people who came here from distant lands, makes NYC are, in its own way, very fascinating, attractive, and sexy.

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Stockholm, Sweden

While the Swedes are often stereotypically called cold and closed people, their men and women are continuously placed in the world’s most beautiful people lists.

In addition, they are certainly not big snobs or huge fashionistas, as many like to think stereotypically – many Swedish loves a good meal, they are pretty ordinary and casual, love to travel around the world, speak good English and will make you fall in love within a few seconds.

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is often called as the Venice of Northern Europe. The number of art galleries, museums, excellent restaurants and entertainment places really makes this city very romantic too. What could be sexier than a meaningful and interesting leisure time with beautiful people?

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Sydney, Australia

Australia’s biggest city surely is not only hot with climate, but full of hot people as well. Tanned bodies wearing tiny clothing and surfing in the Ocean indeed is considered sexy by many, so Sydney has to be on this list as well.

Apart from beautiful people, Sydney can also show of its sexiness with modern architecture. The iconic city’s sign – the Sydney Opera House fascinates with its clear shapes and extraordinary architectural design. But what makes the city even more appealing is the never ending summer, sun shining and perfect pristine beaches you can lay all day long even in the middle of December – December in Australia is midsummer so you will meet tons of other people enjoying the sun in the beach as well.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Many people imagine Israel as the Middle East country, with never ending conflicts, powerful army, and very strict religious dogmas. However, the country’s economic center Tel Aviv is often mentioned among the sexiest cities in the world. It even has a nickname of Middle East Miami, where entertainment and nightlife are buzzing all year round.

The pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, numerous entertainment places makes Tel Aviv be one of the most loved places in the world. Here, you don’t have to be worried about your safety either – both male and female soldiers will do everything to protect locals and foreigners, so you can party here as long and as much as you want. Also, Israeli women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world, so this ancient city can offer you a lot more than you can initial hope for.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is not surprising that Buenos Aires is regularly found among the sexiest cities in the world list. Many surveys show that in here one of the happiest and most smiling people lives, so the fun and entertaining mood here is guaranteed.

Buenos Aires residents are more restrained than the Cubans or Brazilians, but no less sexy. In fact, Argentina is one of the most European countries in the South America’s continent, with huge influence from French culture. Accordingly, here you can find a perfect mix of both passionate French culture with a little bit of spicing and spirit of South America. But the sexiest city in this country is Buenos Aires. Argentine Capital’s keyword is passion, and this is nothing surprising at all. Whether it is the tango dance or a football match – Argentinean react very passionately about everything in their lives. So, don’t forget your dancing shoes and bring your senorita or senior for passionate tango in the middle of this beautiful city!

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Berlin, Germany

The capital city of Germany is also considered sexy among many people. Apart from the city’s motto (which, to be honest, sounds a bit controversial) “poor, but sexy”, Berlin can offer every traveler something interesting to do and see.

Thousands of night bars, clubs and very friendly attitude to LGBT community, Berlin is a dream come true for all people searching for romance and fun. On the other hand, if you are looking for more romantic places, we would strongly recommend you leaving Berlin and trying to stop by at some medieval castles or palaces, which Germany has hundreds. After seeing such beautiful buildings like Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, or Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, you and your loved one can feel like characters from beautiful fairytales as well. Or there you can find your Prince Charming too! Who knows?

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Havana, Cuba

Although Cuba has been closed for many years, and just recently started to accept tourists from the United States more freely, the capital city Havana has been considered as one of the sexiest cities for a long time. The reason behind that is pretty simple – Cuba can offer you not only beautiful Caribbean beaches but all-night long salsa dancing and a glass of the best rum in the world.

Compare all that with the legendary Cuban cigars and some margaritas (which also originated on this island) and you are going to have the best time without any doubt. Havana and the entire country is also famous for its friendliness as well, so here you will find many friends you will never forget. And, of course, let’s not forget colorful city’s buildings and classic American cars which all create a real charming atmosphere of this town too.

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Seville, Spain

Many of us don’t know that much about this amazing city, but this is a mistake worth fixing. Seville is surely one of the most passionate and sexiest cities around the globe. The center of Spanish region Andalusia, Seville has been influenced both by Muslim and Christian culture, so here you can find a lot of remaining monuments of the past times.

State-of-the-art and magnificent historic buildings and amazing Spanish culture will make you fall in love with the city for sure. Café culture is widespread throughout city streets and beach towns as well, so you can have tons of romantic conversations with your beloved one too while getting a tan in amazingly beautiful beaches as well. But let’s not forget hot-blooded Spanish spirit as well, which will guarantee you all night fun full of passion too.

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Saint Tropez, France

The ninth sexiest city in the globe considered by many travelers is the beautiful Saint Tropez in the Southern France. But beware – Saint Tropez is not only full of sexiness and passion but is pretty luxurious as well. Therefore, you might be going to need a bigger wallet to enjoy this city’s life.

Apart from a top-notch environment, Saint Tropez can also offer you beautiful Medditeraian weather, white beaches and top-class entertainment all night long. Here, if you have enough money, you can also enjoy sailing with yachts and shopping at the most luxurious designer boutiques as well. Let’s not forget the worldwide famous French cuisine you can enjoy here as well. Saint Tropez is indeed a perfect city for all who want some high-quality and luxurious experiences everyone can enjoy with their beloved ones.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finally, definitely one of the sexiest places on year – Rio. Rio de Janeiro hosts world’s biggest carnival and is literally full of blood heating samba dancers, which both has already become synonymous with sexuality and this country. Tropical climate, the world’s most beautiful beaches oblige Rio residents to wear less clothing, constantly smile and enjoy life, so here you won’t hesitate that you are in the sexiest places on the planet.

In addition, many of the worlds modeling agencies search for Brazilians, because locals here are one of the most beautiful ones as well. This naturally formed the city’s and the country’s sexuality which you can prove just after spending one night in here.

What other places around the globe you consider being the sexiest? Have you been to these cities? What do you think of them and do you agree with what I wrote above? Share your thoughts in the comment section bellow!


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