10 interesting facts about the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, is a breath-taking Middle Eastern country with a rich history and lots to see. It is truly a bucket-list destination for many people and there is plenty to explore when you visit. Here are some of the most interesting facts we’ve seen about UAE.

There are More Than 200 Nationalities Living Here

The UAE is one of the most multicultural countries on the planet. It is estimated that over 80% of the population of the UAE are expats from other countries who have come here for the work and the amazing lifestyle. What’s more, most of these expats live in Dubai.

There are Many Royal Families

Due to the fact that the UAE is made up of many different emirates, there are many royal families. This is a little odd, especially when you think that most countries have a single royal family like some of the countries of Europe and Asia. However, the royals of the UAE have helped to transform their country into what it is today. The two most famous families are the Al Nahyans of Abu Dhabi and the Al Maktoums of Dubai.

It Takes 3 Months to Clean the Windows of the Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it takes a lot of manpower to make it sparkling clean once more. It takes a 36-man team approximately 3 months to clean all the windows once, and by the time that is done they probably need to start again!

Sunday is the First Day of the Week

Since the UAE is a predominantly Muslim country, Friday is an important day of rest and prayer. By having children attend school and adults attend work, this allows the country to still operate on a 5-day working week whilst accommodating for the religious needs of its locals.

The Internet Isn’t “Free”

There are many websites which are banned in the UAE and, for this reason, someone travelling to this region might need a VPN when they visit. Using a VPN in the UAE isn’t illegal, but you should be aware of the law which does state that an individual should only use a legal VPN service or risk a possible fine if caught. Here you can find the best VPN in the UAE to ensure your complete freedom while on the Internet during your visit.

The Metro is Automated

One of the best ways to get around Dubai is with the Metro. This service is quick and easy and can take you all over the city. What’s more, it is completely automated! There are no drivers at all on any of the trains. Instead, a sophisticated computer system handles all the work the drivers usually do.

Part of Dubai is on Man-Made Islands

If you are visiting Dubai then you need to take a visit to the Palm Jumeirah. This is the most famous of the man-made islands of Dubai and it is home to many luxury homes and hotels. It is amazing to consider that it was built by man and it is well worth if you want some stunning pictures for your Instagram.

The Police Have Supercars

The crime levels of the UAE are not that high so it is rare to see the police engaged in a high-speed chase. If they were to get in one, they would probably have no trouble keeping up with the perp since most of them have supercars to help them on patrol. It is not unusual to see the police driving around in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. You can even go to see special parades where the police will show off their supercars in all their glory.

You Can Go Skiing Whenever You Want

The UAE is a hot country in the Middle East so you can’t expect much in the way of snow outside. However, Ski Dubai is a complete winter wonderland all year round and entirely indoors. Jump on a ski lift and then ski down a slope made from real snow, and don’t forget to stop by to see the penguins in the conservation area!

Falcons are Very Important

Falcons and the Emiratis have had a long and happy history together. These beautiful birds still help Bedouins to hunt in the desert and they even appear on the currency. If any bird is taken away from the country, it requires its own passport and the falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi receives over 11,000 feathered patients every year.

As you can see, the UAE has plenty to offer people whether they are just visiting on holiday or they are relocating for a job. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and all the places in between, you are bound to find a warm welcome and plenty to see and do. Ready to visit the UAE for your next holiday? They are more than happy to have you!


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