10 Ideas for Narrative Essay Writing

It’s always a challenge to come up with a topic for an essay. When you are able to write about everything you want, you just can’t find the right subject. Of course, a free topic doesn’t require all that is so necessary in other types of essays, such as deep knowledge and understanding of the text, the ability to use literary terminology etc. But this “freedom” has also the other side, because the responsibility lies on you.

Sure, if you have a great story to tell in your narrative essay, it’s perfect! But if it’s difficult to decide which one is better and which one may bring you better mark, then you should use some help. When you feel that you just can’t create a good composition, a help may come from cheap essay writing service UK. In this article we also collected the best 10 ideas for narrative essay writing!

1.     Childhood

When we are children, our life is full of fun. That is why it’s now difficult to remember at least one episode worth telling. Besides, an essay about childhood doesn’t require anything but telling an interesting story. You can write about your favorite game, trip to the sea or walk to the forest.

2.     Current Life Experience

This idea is also connected with an interesting event in your life. But here you can’t tell about a game you played with friends. Maybe, you had just organized an arrangement with Students’ Parliament; perhaps, you were a volunteer for a great event or you’re doing an interesting research for college?

3.     Books and Movies

It’s also a great topic. Every student knows about book and film reviews, so it’s not a new type of essay for you. But here you should write about a book which isn’t in the college program, but a book that you read for pleasure. Besides, a book and a movie have to be acceptable for educational establishment.

4.     Interests

Everyone has hobby. If your interest is exciting, tell the story about it. For example, you like skiing, so you can write about your last time spent on a ski resort.

5.     Traveling

Topic of trips is always interesting. If you don’t have a voyage to tell about or you don’t want to write about your personal life, you can just create a story about it. Besides, you can write about the trip of your dream, describe the place you want to visit and explain why.

6.     Morality

There are some topics which are discussed from the ancient times. It may be the traits of character, rules of behavior or etiquette in different life situations. If you have some minds about these topics, you can write your reflections in your essay.

7.     Great Persons in Your Life

Almost everyone has an iconic personality, so you may describe yours. It doesn’t matter who the person is: your mother, brother, a singer or a writer. It’s not necessary to tell the private history of your life, but you can write about the traits of the person which seem great to you.

8.     Social Topics

This idea means everything that goes in the world: politics, wars, social problems etc. But it’s important not to criticize anyone in such essays. Even if you don’t like the president, it’s better not to mention this.

9.     Homeland and Family

It will be always up-to-date to write about your native place and your family. Tell why you like your home city, what attractions there are. If there is something you dislike, you may also mention it. Besides, family can save your essay, because this topic will show that you care about your relatives.

10.   Fantasy Story

If you think that there is nothing in your life worth telling, you can always create a fantasy story. Here is a space for your imagination! You may write about aliens or future life. It’s also good to use a formula “Imagine if…” Maybe, you can create flying cats?

The best advice we can give is to use your personal experience. Everyone has something to tell, you just need to think about it!

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