10 Home Transformations That Will Impress

Utilize Space Under the Steps

The space underneath a set of stairs is the perfect location to add a unique twist to your home décor. Build some custom bookshelves to showcase your library or add a built-in wine rack to show off your collection. You can also build a small nook complete with pillows, blankets, and lighting to offer a cozy reading space for family and friends to enjoy. Having this extra space really feels like a bonus, especially when you can use it to organize the things you love.

Install a Rustic Barn Door

Add a little bit of rustic charm with this simple to install sliding barn door kit. With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find something that matches your unique style. This little project will take no time at all and will quickly offer a stylish alternative to the traditional door look.

Add a Pet Washing Station in the Garage

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a walk and your four-legged furry friend tracks mud into the house. Amaze your guests by installing a basic washing area in your garage to quickly rinse off and wipe down your pet before entering your home. Install a small towel holder and hose hookup and you’ve got an easy setup to tackle messes before they ever make it inside your house.

Light Up Your Life

Take a quick walk through your house. Do certain areas seem dark or dreary? Invest in different lighting options to give your home a bright and fresh feel. Rope lights are a unique twist to standard lamps and can be strung across tall fixtures or even up and own walls. Candles also provide a nice ambiance both in sight and smell.

Convert Dead Space Under the Cabinets

On the bottom of most kitchen cabinets are baseboards that run the length of the cabinets. Transform those into functional panels that can pull out to offer additional storage features for small items or use as a step stool to reach higher spaces in the taller cabinets. Take it one step further and add decorative knobs or handles to make this unique feature pop.

Built-in Mini Fridge in Kitchen Island

A lot of kitchens nowadays have islands in the kitchen. Although most are used for an extra drawer and some additional counter space, you can create a unique twist by placing a mini-fridge inside the island. Here, you can keep your favorite beverages nice and cool, while saving yourself valuable space inside your refrigerator for larger items that need to be kept chilled.

Create a Coffee or Tea Bar

Choose a small area in a dining room or kitchen to create a decorative and functional coffee and/or tea bar. Put your favorite drink preparation tools out on display to show off to your friends and family. Most hobby stores even offer small signs or displays you can use to help decorate the area.

Install a Skylight

Add some natural lighting, as well as the feel of a much larger room, by adding a skylight to your ceiling. Bringing in some outside light will brighten up a room without the use of electricity. During rainy days, you can use your decorative lighting to keep your house lit as well as enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the skylight above your head.

Use Floating Nightstands

With a little bit of lumber and some hardware, you can easily replace bulky nightstands or tables and add a touch of modern elegance with floating nightstands. Your guests will be impressed at the unique design as well as the additional space underneath the shelf that will be added as a result.

Convert a Boring Door into a Ping Pong Table

For a quirky alternative to your average door, swap out a portion of the door with a table, and add some hinges, a lock, as well as paddles and a ball. You’ll soon be able to challenge your guests to a quick game of ping pong that can be just as easily returned into a fully functioning door.

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