10 Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

Organizing a bachelor party for your best mate is probably one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever have to shoulder.  Get it right, and you will go down in history as a legend, get it wrong and you can say farewell to your social life.

Whether you want to help your buddy exit the single life with a night of riotous partying, or are thinking of dropping something more sedate into the mix, bachelor parties are so much more than keg-stands and g-strings for the modern day groomsman.

Stuck for inspiration?  Here are 10 great bachelor party ideas for you to consider:

  • Extreme Activities Weekend


Get your blood pumping blood with exciting activities to suit every type of groom and groomsmen. Whether you are keen to conquer an assault course, bungee jump off a mountain or throw yourself out a moving airplane – these are great ways to bond and feel manly.

  • Bar Crawl

The humble bar crawl is an integral part of an awesome bachelor party, and the importance of organizing your route should never be underestimated.  Don’t just wing it, choose your venues in advance, and for extra best man points, throw in a little something extra at every bar. From drinking games to live music, the bar crawl is bachelor party gold and can be made even more fun by making it a requirement that the groom-to-be has to bar hop in fancy dress. There are so many great costume ideas for a bachelor party, some more risqué than others!

  • Golfing Weekend

If you and your boys enjoy a round of golf or two, a weekend on the green could make the perfect bachelor party destination.  There are a gazillion great golf courses and country clubs to choose from throughout the country, but opt for one that offers a little bit of social scene as well as great golf.  After all, whoever doesn’t make par will be in buying on the 19th.

  • Camping Trip

A trip in the great outdoors, experiencing nature at its finest! A camping trip may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are planning a bachelor party, but imaging the possibilities – cook-outs, hunting, fishing and ample opportunities to crack open a cold one, whilst reminiscing around the fire with your closest friends.

  • Whiskey Distillery or Beer Brewery Tour

Get to know the process behind your favorite tipple.  From whiskey distilleries to microbreweries, there are plenty of places that will allow you to learn how each beverage is made, while some will even let you create your own.

  • Casino Night

Place your bets and take your chances with a casino night to remember. Whether you are a high roller or someone who just enjoys the occasional flutter, the glitz and glamor of a casino are spot on for a bachelor party that has it all – excitement, croupiers and more than a touch of Ocean’s 11 cool about it.

  • A Day (or night) at the Races

As a daytime alternative to a night in the casino, horse or dog racing are both excellent ways to get dressed up and put your money where your mouth is.  Feel like royalty in the grandstand as you cheer on your chosen steed, or rub shoulders with the more casual punters at the dog races.  Grab a glass of champagne and toast your winnings, or snap open a beer with the boys and just enjoy the fun of it all.

  • Go-karting or Driving Experiences

OK, so sobriety is a necessity for this kind of activity, but what you lose in terms of inebriation, you more than make up for in high-octane excitement.   Go-karting is the kind of fun that makes you feel young again.  Whipping round those tire walls, as you compete against the rest of group is a brilliant way to get your heart racing. If you would rather play with some super cars for the day, book yourselves into a driving day experience and get your race on.

  • Paintballing


Release your inner soldier with a good game of paintball.  Plan your strategy, and work as a team to fight against your enemy, in a combat style adventure where you splat your opponents instead of shooting them. Outdoor fun for everyone, paintballing is particularly good if you had a mixed aged group in attendance on the day.

  • Zorbing or Bubble football

For something a little different, why not jump in a giant inflatable ball and skim across the water? Zorbing is a fun, funky and freakishly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon before hitting the bars and clubs later on.  If you want to really raise the bar, try some bubble football, where you basically incase your upper body in a giant, inflatable torus bubble and do your best to win a regular game of football.  Hilarious and highly entertaining, inflatables add an extra dimension to your stag party.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…

All of the ideas above are excellent for anyone looking to plan an epic bachelor party. But remember, beers, boys and adventures aside, the important thing is that you choose something that the groom will really be into – it is his party after all.  Fun times make the best memories, so help make his last few days of freedom be full of good times that he will never forget.

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