10 Biggest Robberies in The History of Man Kind

There was a time when robberies were a used to be made because of poverty or low economy, but the time brings changes. So, not only the way of Robbery has been changed but also the cause, Some peoples call it an art. They just do roberries to to prove that how much capable they are, means you are spending millions to create a full proof security system and they still can break into it. Here we have listed 10 of the biggest Robberies happened in he history of mankind. I am not sure but theoretically, some of these real life incidents inspired many Hollywood directors.

1-Central Bank of Iraq
Just before the U.S attack on Iraq in march 2003, $1 billion was robbed by Saddam’s Son Qusay by his orders from he Central Bank of Iraq. Bank manager was forced to open the locks and then drove off with all he money in three trucks.

Robbed Amount: $1 Billion

2-Boston Museum
The incident was much easier than we see in the movies. Two police officers inform the guards that there is some kind of disturbance in the basement and guards let them go considering real Police officers. Thiefs take over the guards and leaves the museum with all the paintings without any problem.

Robbed Amount: $300 million

3-City Bonds Robbery
This was probably the most fortunate and easy robbery in history. The day was 2 May, 1990. A messenger named John Goddard was mugged by a local thief at knifepoint. John way carrying a brief case with treasury bills of the Bank of London. This incident was   very surprising but later the officials came into action and succeeded to get the money back.

Robbed Amount: 292 Million

4-Baghdad Bank Robbery

The guards of the Bank planned a robbery and allegedly robbed millions and left the town. It happened in July, 2008. The incedent was discovered when the employees found the doors were unlocked and vaults were empty.

Robbed Amount: 282 Million

5-Knightsbridge Security Deposit
This was definitely a suicide plan but successful. The Knightsbridge security deposit of England is one of the largest security deposit with many high profile customers. On July, 1987, two men entered there like normal customers with a demand of renting a deposit box. When they have been shown the box they robbed almost everything at gunpoint.

Robbed Amount: $111 Million

6-Schiphol Airport Heist
The largest robbery in Dutch history occurred at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in 2005, when about $115 million worth of diamonds in today’s dollars was taken. An inside job was suspected, and the robbers were never caught.

Robbed Amount: $115 Million


Four gunmen entered in funny dresses robbed everything from the stores including the diamonds from the storage area. They didn’t fired any shot. What was so amusing this time that the same store has been stolen a year before the incetent.

Robbed Amount: $85 Million

8-Antwerp Diamond Center
I have seen what exactly happened on this case. A mastermind bought an office on the same building and represents himself as a rich diamond merchant, keep up the good relation over years and one day .. all of the sudden, 4 peoples come and robbes everything.

Robbed Amount: $100 Million

9-Kent Securitas Depot
Six man alggedly robbed bank notes from the deposit on Feb 2006 by abducting and forcing the family manager and the other 14 staff members.

Robbed Amount: $92 Million

10-Great train Robbery

On 8 August, 1963, an amount of $74 million were robbed from the Royal mail. 15 Armed robbers including the fireman stopped the train by making changes in the signal and robbed it. Police found 13 out of them afer sometime but the fireman never been found since then.

Robbed Amount: $74 Million

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