10 Best Costumes to Wear at a Wild Bachelor Party

Young guys like to go out drinking all the time, but all good things come to an end. Once everyone gets a little older they start dating, getting married, and eventually having kids. It means they hardly ever get to go absolutely wild with their friends.

Bachelor parties are the exception to the rule. If you’re planning one you should realize your friends are desperate to let their hair down. Why don’t you tell everyone to wear exciting costumes. Let’s look at some of the best ones you’ll love.

1. Toy Soldiers

Did you like dressing up in soldier costumes when you were young? A dozen crazy guys dressed in combats might intimidate people at the moment, so dress like toy soldiers instead. Paint your face, clothes, and weapon dark green to complete the look.

2. 1920s Mobster

If you were living in Chicago during the 1920s you would would have seen lots of mobsters walking around. Now you get the chance to be one without getting arrested. You just need a flashy pinstripe suit, panama hat, and plastic machine gun before you get started.

3. Roman Gladiators

Everyone thinks the Roman armies were tough, but could they have handled the Gladiators? We all know they didn’t do too well against Spartacus. Just don’t try to get into any fights. After the first few hours nobody in your entourage will be able to stand up straight.

4. Blow Up Dolls

When guys are at a bachelor party they usually carry a female blow up doll and get into trouble. Take it a step further and dress like blow up dolls. It’s the closest you’ll get to being naked without getting arrested. You could get very lucky if a hen party spots you.

5. Royal Family

There are two ways you can become a member of a royal family. If you’re not born into one you’ll need to create your own for the bachelor party. I guarantee you’ll have more fun than most royals. Dress like historic kings if you want more exciting costumes.

6. Top Gun Pilots

If you want to impress the ladies you can’t beat Top Gun costumes. It worked for Maverick, so it should work for you. People will expect you to break into song in the middle of bars. Towards the end of the night you can take off your tops and play volleyball with a balloon.

7. Amateur Golfers

You might feel like a game of pub golf on your big night. It’s a little like golf except you have to visit 18 pubs to complete the course. You’ll look more dedicated if you dress as golfers. Please don’t get drunk and start attacking strangers with your plastic clubs.

8. Game of Thrones

If you watch Game of Thrones you’re probably addicted to it, so you’ll make sure your costume is mind blowing. There are tons of characters your friends will be able to choose from. Keep in mind, if anyone dresses like Daenerys they’ll be hit on all night.

9. Superhero Team

There are dozens of superhero movies hitting the screens these days, so I’m sure you’ve seen a few. In fact, everyone at your bachelor party should be able to go as a different hero. Instead of arguing you should get your friends to draw names out of a hat.

10. Adult Babies

Grab the biggest diapers you can find and dress like giant babies. If you drink enough you’ll vomit like a small child. Once you can’t stand up the costume will make even more sense. Also, once your married I’m sure you’ll be treated like a big baby all the time.

You will have the best time in the world at your bachelor party. These costumes will just make things a million times more interesting. Make sure you pick something everyone will get into.

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