The 10 Best Cargo Accessories for Pickups

Any true truck fan knows that there is more to pickup trucks than transportation. There are cargo accessories for everything you can think of. It depends on what you’re moving and where you’re going.

There are plenty of dependable merchants and convenient buying options when it comes to finding pickup truck accessories from popular brands. We’re here to let you know what the best options are for your truck, as well as the most trusted merchants.

Your pickup truck takes you places. It’s time to accessorize with only the best. We’ve come up with a list of the top cargo accessories you can find on the market today.

Here’s a detailed list of the 10 best cargo accessories for pickups.

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

This simple yet important cargo tailgate accessory from RealTruck controls the speed in which your tailgate falls when you open it. Wear and tear on the construction of your pickup is lessened by having a more controlled way of opening your tailgate.

There’s a three year warranty with this item, so you can feel free to use it as needed until you’ll need a new one. To protect your truck, this item is a no-brainer for pickup enthusiasts.

Roll Up Pickup Truck Bed Cover

WeatherTech is a well-known truck accessory merchant who has made their reputation on selling the latest and greatest in pickup truck gear. Their roll up bed cover protects your truck bed from the weather and for safe keeping. The vinyl cover operates as your sure way to know your stuff is safe.

Simply choose your make, year, and model and instantly find the retractable bed cover for your vehicle.

While a WeatherTech liner may come at a hefty price tag (especially for larger, newer trucks) there are a few easy ways to get discounts. You can check out their Special Offers page on their website, where you’ll find brand-specific sales that are currently active. You can also search for WeatherTech promo codes on coupon sites and Google.

Rolling Big Power Cargo Net

A perfect solution for a little more wiggle room, the Rolling Big Power Cargo Net is here for you. Designed to lower gas costs, the cargo net lowers wind drag, reducing worry to fill up gas as often.

The cargo net is made of high quality nylon that will stay tough in any driving situation and at any speed. This affordable $24.99 item is a great investment for saving money (and will keep your belongings safe in the meantime).

BedRug Bed Mat

The BedRug Bed Mat is great for the person who’s sick of their cargo moving around while they drive. Cargo that is able to move around the bed can get damaged or create scuffs and marks to the bed interior. The BedRug helps keep your items in place.

Offering custom design, they’ll shape your bed mat to your individual vehicle. It was also made in the USA, so you can be confident you’re getting a quality made item. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your new bed mat knowing you’re covered.

Aside from transportation, you’ll also have a more comfortable spot to sit at your next drive-in movie theater outing!

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Now this is the way to camp. The Napier Sportz Truck Tent is an awesome way to get into the great outdoors while also saving space.

With this tent, which you can purchase at AutoAnything, you have the ability to turn your truck into your sleeping quarters in the most comfortable way possible. You’ll also rest easy knowing you’re not on the immediate ground with all of the small animals and potentially invasive bugs. You’ll get 5’6” of headroom, so you won’t have to crouch too much when changing or moving around the tent.

It’s an all around safe, easy, and reliable way to camp when you have a solid truck tent like this one. It might seem like a luxurious purchase, but you can usually find AutoAnything promo codes on their special offers page, or on coupon sites.

AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress

Make camping just like sleeping at home with the AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress. This comfy blow up mattress for trucks is a great way to get good sleep while you’re traveling or taking a little weekend vacation away.

The mattress is 12” thick, and you can also add toppers to it if you like a little more cushion.

Blow up mattresses can often leak no matter how nice they are. This is why AirBedz offers a leak fixing package along with the product. No more getting stranded on a deflated mattress in the middle of the night.

Dorman Truck Bed Floor Support

Protect your truck bed from scrapes and dents with the Dorman Truck Bed Floor Support system from AutoZone

When this equipment starts to get old from wear and tear, you can easily replace them, which is easier than replacing your entire truck bed.

This floor support equipment is made from steel, so you’ll have them for years.

You can find AutoZone promo codes on sites like Dealspotr or Brad’s deals, and make sure to also check out AutoZone’s “Hot Deals” section to find discounts on items all over the store. They update their deals often, so you if you’re waiting for something to go on sale, keep checking this page.

TechLiner Pickup Truck Liner

If you’re looking for a cargo truck liner that isn’t rug material, one of the best liners is one that’s made to be spill resistant and easy to clean. Unlike rug, the cargo truck liner that’s made from rubber can be easily wiped off.

No more worrying about your paint getting ruined by the elements. Protect your truck with a liner that will take all of the wear and tear.

It offers resistance to any weather conditions, hot or cold. It will not “crack, break, or warp even in extreme temperatures.”

CargoTech Containment System

If you really need things to stop sliding around, the CargoTech containment system is the product for you.

You can organize the things in your pickup truck by using “durable plastic fence” like items to keep things put. Whether you’re taking groceries home or moving a box of valuable breakables, this containment system will ensure your item’s safety.

Confidently drive over hills, a rocky path, or a windy road and know your stuff will stay intact.

Loadhandler CargoCatch

This nifty bed organizer found at Sears is great for casual transportation of virtually anything that will fit in the compartments. This two-bar system locks onto your truck bed and holds separated areas where you can place anything from groceries to camping gear.

For simple trips, this no-nonsense pickup cargo accessory is the one you’re looking for.

Get Prepared

Whether it’s for an intensive camping trip into the wilderness or a simple visit to the grocery store, these items each serve their purpose well. Get prepared for whatever your plan is and accessorize your pickup truck.

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