10 +1 Tips to Save Money When Travelling

Everyone in the world wants to save a few more coins. In fact, one of the leading billionaires and philanthropists in the world Warren Buffett advises people to save more than they use if they want to get rich. Primarily, you want to add that extra coin to your savings when travelling.

Flights and travel can be expensive, especially when you have to pay for a comfortable spot on the plane as well as book a fancy hotel. Indeed, bringing down these costs could do you a lot of good. Here are some of the tips you should embrace if you want a ‘thank you‘ note from your wallet during your next travel:

  1. Visit off-season
    The demand for plane tickets and hotel rooms typically dictates their prices. Thus, you may want to go during the off-season when fewer people are travelling. This way, you will not have to fight your way through the crowds, and this will be cheaper and more convenient.
  1. Book away from tourist destinations
    Tourist hotels are generally expensive because of the high traffic they get. Most hotels around tourist destinations sell their food at exorbitant prices. Just work a few blocks away and you will get slashed prices for the same quality.
  1. Have a fixed budget
    It is easy to get carried away during your travel, and you might jump into unnecessary impulse buying. You need to have a fixed budget and plan to stick to it. If you want to save money, then you must prepare for the journey in advance. Write down a checklist of things you will need during your travel and buy them.
    Then, have a schedule and cost attached to every activity that you want to get engaged in. This way you will experience lots of restaurants around the city and then have one night of your vacation where are you eat out at an expensive hotel. Your budget will help you keep on track while still maintaining your class.
  1. Rent an apartment instead
    It sounds classy to spend your time in a hotel room, but it could as well be expensive. When you have kids or friends joining you in your travel, make sure to rent an apartment as opposed to getting two rooms. An apartment will have everything you need in terms of the appliances and quality but at a lower price. Lots of people complain that it is expensive for them to travel with their children because they have to rent different rooms. But this method will slash your expenditure.
  1. Do not stay in the major cities
    In most cases, you pay for the location rather than the quality. You realize that staying in a major city means you’ll have to spend more on rent and you would have paid far less a few miles away. In most cases, it will always be cheaper to stay away from towns or areas that have major tourist destinations. Of course, you will find the means to go to the attractions and then go back to your hotel. This reduces the cost and saves you a lot of money.
  1. Find a room with appliances
    Eating out can be the reason why your pockets will run dry. So, you may want to book rooms that have microwaves or a kitchen area. Here, you can prepare your breakfast and even lunch. Eat-in for lunch and breakfast and then go to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Therefore, find out if the room you’re booking has got a kitchen area with a microwave and a refrigerator. You can consequently reheat the leftovers and cook the meals from veggies and meats you buy from nearby stores.
  1. Buy food from local stores
    When you decide to cook, buy your ingredients from the farmers’ market. Shopping at local stores gives you a chance to interact directly with the natives and have a taste of their cuisine. But also, you get to save a lot of what you’d have paid at the fancy restaurants around.
  1. Make use of free packages
    With just a little research, you will find out that the community has lots of free activities and destinations you can plunge yourself into. Just become familiar with the destination before you get there. Then, it will be easy to guide yourself through the towns and museums. In most cases, you will find destinations that offer free entry or discounted admission.
  1. Book your flight in advance
    In addition to traveling during the off-season, book your flights and hotels in advance. Don’t be hasty to fly or leave in a hotel without understanding the perks and cons of being there. Instead, research widely so you can know the best hotels and flights to take. Again, it would help if you were flexible with your trip. Especially if you are not on a tight itinerary, you shouldn’t mind a few stops and changes in seat selection as an exchange for an affordable rate.
  1. Carry water and snacks outdoors
    When you’re with your kids, be ready to spend a lot of cash on some inconsequential snacks. Or you can carry water and cookies or confectionary whenever you go outdoors. So, throw some nuts and marshmallow or biscuits in your bag. The snacks will serve as fuel for your kids and water will do you great all through. Carrying your own snacks ensures you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on things you don’t need. Again, bring a case of water and snacks with you, and only buy snacks and treats that are exclusively found in the place where you visit.
  1. Park your car wisely
    When you’re going to the airport, make sure to have already booked a place to park your car. Using public means can look lucrative until you realize that it could inconvenience you. So, find out ways to get a parking lot that allows you to book in advance. This way, you will not have any problems when you get to the airport.
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