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The 40 Funniest Yahoo Questions and Answers


Yahoo Answers started out as such a great idea. Real people asking real questions and getting answers from other real people but in all honesty, I think we could all see how it could go…


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  1. Plain Old Shahhida

    07/13/2013, 06:53 pm

    This was AWESOME
    I’m actually on Yahoo Answers and I ABSOLUTELY love the loony stuff people post on dere.
    WHOOP WHOOP for all the trolls.
    F*ck to the Reporters.

  2. Kytus

    07/17/2013, 06:14 pm

    Can’t help posting a stupid question at the yahoo answers aswell,
    “If you crossbreed a wolf and a woman do you get a werewolf or just an Awkward hairy baby?”

  3. Clara Oswald

    07/18/2013, 03:45 am

    Actually, 11 or 12 is a perfectly appropriate and average age for a period. 14 is probably the latest of average. I had mine at 12.

  4. I P freely

    07/28/2013, 07:50 am

    Is it wrong that I want to make my own “Saw” movie and full it with a cast of yahoo Answers members?.

    The diatribe of boundless human stupidity continues…

    Chop chop

  5. Andrea

    08/17/2013, 05:11 am

    I totally thought you were a guy. I said to myself this male journalist is pretty funny, up until I kept reading on and later saw your picture. I’m used to guys not liking babies and simply your way of words and sarcasm reminded me of my dad. LOVE THIS LIST!

  6. Totally funny!

    09/08/2013, 03:37 am

    Very funny!

    Loved the one about the parents and the adoption. And the brother not having his period.

    Seriously made me crack up!

    Thanks for posting this list!

  7. Don't you Wanda be quiet?

    09/14/2013, 06:01 pm

    My question is why do you need to talk so much? I was so incredibly thrown off by your extra long commentary, that I had to stop reading.
    You aren’t very witty, or humorous.
    The yahoo answers, yes definitely.
    You made it hard for me to enjoy this though.
    Thanks Wanda.

  8. Ashley Kyle

    10/04/2013, 06:47 am

    Awesome questions but most of them are asked for fun !!
    And mostly asked by Bumb Ditches ….

  9. Cendrid

    12/08/2013, 08:04 pm

    Not all is Funny,but it is what your rude and make it people think what is stupid.
    If there have no stupid,there have no question.
    There have many kind of people use english in different way,there have many kind of people have different way to being himself.
    what you doin=what are you doing
    it is some example of england english between america english.
    and topic of cool
    america especially US
    cool is their method,most people not cool there think they are rude.
    and topic of respect.
    especially japan
    respect is always in their number one
    diiferent country,different people.
    different law,different person.
    different foreign people,different language.
    This is the proplem of yourself.

  10. Helene Søvig

    12/26/2013, 03:59 pm

    Hey Wanda even though I know most of these questions were probably written as jokes or “trolling” I found this very funny, thank you for the laugh. (Please excuse my spelling a combination of mild dyslexia and the fact that English is not my native language.) :)

  11. Pranav Raj

    01/19/2014, 09:28 pm

    I also use yahoo,
    itz really funny, after seeing this i am gonna spend my time reading yahoo questions :)

  12. ICanSeeYou

    06/07/2014, 03:46 am

    I would like to see how many of you will post your phone number, address, tell me your name, tell me your country, state, and city, tell me how well your house is protected, and also make me a sandwich when I find you.

    • John Doe

      07/22/2014, 01:04 am

      123 Elm Street, Town, USA
      John Doe
      A door. The key’s under the mat.
      I have the meat, just bring the buns.

      Thou shalt not troll, lest ye be trolled.

  13. Jariv jumper

    07/21/2014, 04:37 pm

    Really hilarious. But more than that, I loved your writing style. It has this different feel to it, that’s beyond words. A good read, Wanda 😀

  14. Jeffery J

    08/01/2014, 03:25 am

    I don’t want to ask yahoo questions because they have too many to answer… so


  15. Bones

    08/03/2014, 07:54 pm

    The fact that people think Canada is a strange place… I might have lost respect for all those people.

    Oh yes, we use Beaver tails and maple leaves and bark to wipe our butts.
    We use ice to brush our teeth.
    For goodness sake, when it comes to hair, branches are perfect for tangles.
    Wanna know what we use for our snot? Bugs. We jam em up our noses, and they eat our boogers.

    People, just because we live closer to the north then America, does not make us different. Maybe it is colder, but that doesn’t make differences whatsoever.

    Maybe why people say we don’t use toilet paper, hmm I don’t know, we don’t want to chop our Maple trees perhaps? NO! Some of us chop them for sensible stuff, but others don’t.

    As a by the way if you’re too stupid to know that the “things we do different” are sarcasm.

    Other Canadians, if you so much as get pissy with me for “dissing” our country, look yourselves in the mirror tonight and tell yourselves that I’m helping protect us.

    Thank you for reading my rant.


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