10 Most Horrific Russian Torture Devices

Currently there seems to an obsession going on about things Russian in the Internet World. One thing that will really get the interest going can be the devices used for torture from this vast country. Of course we are leaning towards KGB methods of questioning rather than instruments of torture from the Spanish Inquisition. But the underlying commonality lies in how horrific they are.

This may the stuff that many sadists dream off or may be appeal to those live for inflicting pain. But we can tell you reading about these torture devices and the pain they cause can really give you nightmares.

Here is a list of Most Horrific Russian Torture Devices:

The Mask of Infamy: Made more to cause humiliation than pain this device does mete out punishment to the person being punished. It is locked on the head by the accuser for a period of time as he desires. Though it does not cause direct pain, those who enjoy sadism will be thrilled to know that the wearer will be chained to a post where others can torment them. Sometimes the mask will have a device inside to prevent the culprit from making any noise. The gory designing part would be left to the person making it.

The Street Sweeper’s Daughter: Unlike the rack that stretched out your body in opposite directions, this device worked at compressing the body. The head would forced down and the legs folded and pushed upwards. This used to result in severe cramps and even force blood from the ears and nose of the victim. The device was such that it would make the person go mad with pain after a certain time. A version of this device can be viewed in museums.

The Jerking: Unlike what the name suggests it is not a means to pleasure yourself. It is supposed to be a slightly lighter form of torture. But we can assure you the victim did suffer and would often confess to things they were not guilty off to get away from the torture. The victims’ hands would be tied behind the back and a rope tied around the wrist would be attached to a winch. The person would be hanging by their arms with their lower limbs twitching. Sometimes weights would be attached to feet of the poor guy hanging or the flesh would pulled with the help of pliers.

the jerkin

Water Torture: The victim would be kept on a kind of rack that had a length frame made of wood with a raised middle portion and a pillory type motif at the end. The victim’s hand and legs would be secured. After this either water would be forced down his throat and he would be heavily beaten or a cloth would be inserted down his throat and this would filled with water, causing him to choke. This torture could go on for a long time.

Water Torture

 The Witch’s Chair:  This method of torment would make us accept to having committed any crime given the excruciating pain that it could cause. If you were suspected of being a witch or even something to do with the black arts, then you had to undergo this torture. The victim would be stripped and sat on a chair that had sharp spikes on the back and armrests. Hands and feet would be tied down and the victim left there for long periods till he/she confessed. In that case the penalty would be death. Sometimes the spikes would be heated to increase the pain.

The Witch’s Chair

6. The Head Crusher: This gruesome creation of the Dark Ages does not require a fancy name. The chin would be kept on the bottom bar and the skull would be fitted under the domed cap. Then the tormentor would start to turn the screw that would make the victim suffer many agonies by pressing down and slowly start crushing the head. Firstly the dentures would be crushed then the jaw would break after which the eyes would pop out of the sockets and then the matter from the brain would ooze out of the ears. To make a person really suffer this process would be carried out slowly to make the victim suffer little by little. The worst past is that it is rumored that this device is still in use in some part of the world.

The Head Crusher

7. The Rack: A very old device that was considered to put a lot of fear in the minds of those accused. This is a machine that ekes out exact amounts of pain in increasing doses to make the accused confess. It was a frame that was rectangular in shape; the victims’ wrists and ankles would be tied to the ends. A handle, ratchet and rollers, were made use of to slowly intensify the pressure on the victim’s legs and arms, causing inducing appalling pain. The bones would gradually dislocate and then be separated from the joints slowly.

8. The Guided Cradle: This particular device was especially cruel due to the extent of pain as well as humiliation that it caused. The victim was made to sit on a pyramid shaped seat after having removed their clothes so that the point of this device would pierce their genital area. The concept being, to slowly but surely impale the victim on the device by the most painful of processes. The victim would often be lifted and placed on the device again to make sure they feel fresh pain each time. Even reading about this will tell you how painful it must have been for those who suffered from the tortures of this device.

9. The Hand Saw: This was an extremely torturous contraption. The accused was suspended in reverse to provide the head with oxygen and bring down the blood loss so that they remain conscious and died slowly and cruelly. This economical but effectual two-man torment technique was made use of to hack people into 2 pieces during the  Middle Ages. It was used to punish those who practiced witchcraft, or were recommending any form contraception. People supposedly consorting with the devil were also subject to this form of torment and punishment.

 The Hand Saw

10. The Chair of Torture: This be traced back to the Middle ages but was still in use during the late 1900s. It was the ultimate contraption for interrogation. The chair had spikes on the back, seat, leg and arm rest; in fact everywhere. The person being tortured would be tied down to the chair and different parts would be pressed down on the chair using bars. This way the victim would suffer immense pain but would not die as no organs that were vital would be pierced and bleeding would be less as the spikes would still be impaled on the victims’ flesh. The fear of continued torture would have them confessing soon.

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